COVID-19 Supply-Chain Updates

Last updated: May 21, 2020, 09:00 EST

  • Factory Status: 8/8 Operational
  • Warehouse Status: 2/2 Operational
  • Our Local Logistics: Running Normal
  • North American Logistics: Running Normal
  • Air Freight: Available but due to drastically reduced air transportation, our air freight costs have drastically increased.

As per Ontario's updated Essential Workplace Hammond qualifies as a Manufacturer supplying essential business.

"Businesses that extract, manufacture, process and distribute goods, products, equipment and materials, including businesses that manufacture inputs to other manufacturers, (e.g. primary metal/ steel, blow molding, component manufacturers, chemicals, etc. that feed the end-product manufacturer), regardless of whether those other manufacturers are inside or outside of Ontario, together with businesses that support and facilitate the movement of goods within integrated North American and global supply chains."