Square Hole Cage Nut CAGNUT Series


    • Cage nuts for square hole rack mounting rails.
    • Available in 10-32, 12-24 and M6 mounting profiles.
    • Packaged in plastic clamshell or resealable jar (depending on quantity).
    • Manufactured in North America.
    • TAA Compliant.


    • Constructed of zinc-plated SAE 1050-1065 spring steel.
    • 0.375in (9.54mm) square hole punched panel rails.
    • Heat-treated through austempering.
    • Recommended torque spec 31.4 +/- 20% inch-lbs
    • Maximum load rating will vary depending on rail mounting and cabinet load rating.

    Looking for screws as well? Get the CAGKIT that includes both screws and cage nuts.

    Our legacy 25-pack 1421CNA25 is priced to clear! 80% Off, available while supplies last! The cage nut is identical to the CAGNUT1032 but is the old part number.



    10-32 Cage Nuts

    Part No. Qty Included Package Type Notes
    1421CNA25 25 Clamshell Over 40 available. Super Special Price
    CAGNUT1032-50 50 Plastic Jar
    CAGNUT1032-100 100 Plastic Jar

    12-24 Cage Nuts

    Part No. Qty Included Package Type
    CAGNUT1224-50 50 Plastic Jar
    CAGNUT1224-100 100 Plastic Jar

    M6 Cage Nuts

    Part No. Qty Included Package Type Style
    CAGNUTM6-50 50 Plastic Jar Rear Loading
    CAGNUTM6-100 100 Plastic Jar Rear Loading
    1421CNBF100 100 Plastic Jar Front Loading

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