Door Lock Replacement Kit DLRK Series

Extend the life of your product by replacing or upgrading your lock. While we don't sell replacement keys, we do offer replacement lock sets. Each Door Lock Replacement Kit (DLRK) has been reviewed to ensure compatibility with your favourite Hammond rack cabinet.


  • Simple to install in the field.
  • Interchangeable with existing lock.
  • Latches each include two (2) keys.
  • Great for DIY applications.
  • RoHS and REACH compliant.
Part No. Compatible with Series Style Handles Included Keys Included
DLRKHWM HWM Draw-Latch 1 2
DLRKHWC HWC Locking Draw-Latch 1 2
DLRKRCK RCK Swing-Handle 1 2
DLRKH1 H1, CLC, DCZ4, RB-DC Swing-Handle 1 2
DLRKSDC SDC Qtr-Turn 1 2
DLRKHLP HLP Locking Draw-Latch 1 2
HMEHSKL HDME Swing-Handle 1 2
CH3PCOMB H1, RCK, CLC, DCZ4, RB-DC 3-Pin Combination Swing Handle 2 2
CH4PCOMB H1, RCK, CLC, DCZ4, RB-DC 4-Pin Combination Swing Handle 2 2
CDQTRL C2, C4 Qtr-Turn 1 2

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