Formed Steel Rack Panels PBFS Series

Also referred to as a Spacer Blank Panel


  • Constructed of 16-gauge steel.
  • Fits standard EIA-compliant rails.
  • Install in unused rack space to improve both cooling efficiencies and prevent air re-circulation.
  • Finished in smooth powder paint.
  • TAA-compliant for GSA Schedule purchases.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America.

Note: We are reducing our offering to focus on 1U up to 10U. Larger sizes are available by special order. Minimums apply.


Gallery Image

Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Panel Height Qty of
RAL9005 RAL9005 ANSI61 RAL7035 RAL9003 Rack Panel Mounting
Semi-Gloss Black Matte Black Dark Gray Light Gray Matt White Units Height Points
- PBFS19000BK - - - 1/2U 0.09 2
PBFS19001BK2 PBFS19001BK PBFS19001GY2 PBFS19001LG2 PBFS19001WH 1U 1.75 4
PBFS19003BK2 PBFS19003BK PBFS19003GY2 PBFS19003LG2 PBFS19003WH 2U 3.50 4
PBFS19005BK2 PBFS19005BK PBFS19005GY2 PBFS19005LG2 PBFS19005WH 3U 5.25 4
PBFS19007BK2 PBFS19007BK PBFS19007GY2 PBFS19007LG2 PBFS19007WH 4U 7.00 4
PBFS19008BK2 PBFS19008BK PBFS19008GY2 PBFS19008LG2 PBFS19008WH 5U 8.75 4
PBFS19010BK2 PBFS19010BK PBFS19010GY2 PBFS19010LG2 PBFS19010WH 6U 10.50 8
PBFS19012BK2 PBFS19012BK PBFS19012GY2 PBFS19012LG2 PBFS19012WH 7U 12.25 8
PBFS19014BK2 PBFS19014BK PBFS19014GY2 PBFS19014LG2 PBFS19014WH 8U 14.00 8
PBFS19015BK2 PBFS19015BK PBFS19015GY2 PBFS19015LG2 PBFS19015WH 9U 15.75 8
PBFS19017BK2 PBFS19017BK PBFS19017GY2 PBFS19017LG2 PBFS19017WH 10U 17.50 8

End-of-Life Clearance (While supples last)

Part No. RAL9005 Part No. ANSI61 Part No. RAL7035 Rack
RAL9005 Remaining ANSI61 Remaining RAL7035 Remaining
Semi-Gloss Black Stock Dark Gray Stock Light Gray Stock Units
PBFS19019BK2 0 PBFS19019GY2 0 PBFS19019LG2 2 11U
PBFS19021BK2 16 PBFS19021GY2 0 No Option 12U
PBFS19022BK2 0 PBFS19022GY2 0 PBFS19022LG2 0 13U
PBFS19024BK2 6 PBFS19024GY2 0 No Option 14U
PBFS19026BK2 0 PBFS19026GY2 1 No Option 15U
PBFS19028BK2 4 PBFS19028GY2 0 No Option 16U
PBFS19031BK2 0 PBFS19031GY2 0 No Option 18U

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