Extruded Aluminum Enclosures with Integrated Flanges 1455F Series

Key Features:

  • Designed to house P.C. boards or for equipment interfacing.
  • Integrated slotted flanges allow for easy wall mounting.
  • Flange provides a completely flat bottom surface and transitions seamlessly into the extrusion body for a finished look.
  • Sized for 50mm wide PC boards.
  • P.C. boards mount into extrusions by sliding into internal slots extruded into the enclosure body.
  • Rugged body constructed from extruded aluminum with a minimum thickness of .06” (1.5 mm).


  • Extruded aluminum body - choice of clear or black anodized
  • (2) Aluminum end panels
  • Includes all hardware - end panel screws are zinc-plated #6 x 3/8” TTT thread rolling, steel screws with a #4 flat head phillips drive. Supplied screws are natural or black to match housing.
  • Replacement end panels available in packs of 10 (see table below)
  • For black replacement screws (quantity 100) order part number 1455MS100BK
  • For clear replacement screws (quantity 100) order part number 1455MS100
  • NOTE: Recommended screw torque is 5 lbf-in

Don't need wall-mounting flanges?  Try our standard 1455 Series

Photo Features:

Clear anodized version
Black anodized version
Completely flat bottom for seamless wall mounting.


Clear Anodized Enclosure Black Anodized Enclosure Extrusion Length Enclosure Width Total Width (Incl. Flanges) Total Outside Depth
1455CF801 1455CF801BK 80 54 77 23
1455CF1201 1455CF1201BK 120 54 77 23

Replacement End Panels

Part Number Clear Anodize Black Anodize Blue Anodize Red Anodize
Starting With 10-pack 10-pack 10-pack 10-pack
1455CF 1455CAL-10 1455CALBK-10 1455CALBU-10 1455CALRD-10

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