Bâti ouvert à 2 montants de première qualité Série DNRRHDW

Homologuée UL2416 pour un maximum de 1 500 lb (680 kg). Capacité de charge statique éprouvée de 6 000 lb (2 721 kg).

A&E Specification

EIA compliant __” (refer to table) open frame rack shall be Hammond Manufacturing, DNRRHDW Series, part number DNRR__HDW_ (refer to table) with heavy duty welded frame assembly. Overall dimensions shall be 20.56” W x __” H x 15” D (refer to table), with a useable rack height of __ rack units (refer to table). Weight capacity shall be UL rated for up to 1500 lbs static load. Open frame rack shall be constructed of 10-gauge steel. Relay rack rails shall have tapped 10-32 holes front and back in universal EIA spacing. Includes marked rack unit dividers to aid in equipment mounting. Base shall be constructed of ¼” formed steel plate and have four (4) bolt down holes. Relay rack shall include two (2) pairs of integrated 10-32 ground studs spaced 5/8” apart, located near the top and lower side of the rack. Relay rack shall be phosphate pre-treated and finished in smooth black powder paint. Relay rack shall have a 1.25” cable pass-thru for connecting multiple racks. Open frame rack shall be UL listed in the US and Canada to the UL-2416 (NWIN) Category. Open frame rack shall comply with the requirements towards RoHS EU Directive 2011/65/EU. Open frame rack shall be manufactured by an ISO 9001 registered company.