Premium Quick Filters Série PQF

Externally Mounted Filter Roll

PQF Premium Quick Filter

  • Quick, easy installation & filter replacement
  • Remove and replace with new filter in seconds
  • Suitable for use on any air-inlet opening on any type of equipment.
  • Externally mounted using magnetic strips (included)
    • Note magnet not compatible with stainless steel or non-metallic - requires alternate mounting
  • Flame retardant material is 40g/m² and 0.29mm thick.
  • Filters out particulates (from 145 to 60µm) and oily mist from an air inlet
    • For pre-filtering, PQF does not provide IP or NEMA Type Rating.
  • Each size is sold in roll of 60 tear-able square sheets: 200mm (8”), 300mm (12”) and 400mm (16”)

Gallery Image

Part Number Sheet Size
PQF200 200x200mm (8x8") - 60 sheets/roll
PQF300 300x300mm (12x12") - 60 sheets/roll
PQF400 400x400mm (16x16") - 60 sheets/roll

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