Modern General Purpose Enclosures Série 1556

Dual Wall-Mount or Desktop

Key Features:

  • Ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards, IoT equipment, and other small electronics.
  • Can be used in a tabletop configuration using rubber feet (included) or two different wall-mount configurations using wall mount foot kit (sold separately).
  • Rounded corners and face provide a more modern look.
  • Lap joint construction provides protection against access of dust and splashing water.
  • Available in black, gray, or white flame retardant ABS plastic with light satin texture.
  • Molded from flame retardant material which carries a flammability rating of UL94-V0.  For indoor use.
  • Designed to meet IP54.
  • Lid hardware and 4x rubber feet included with enclosure. Lid is secured with high strength #6 x 1/2" self-tapping Plastite screws.
  • Aluminum inner panels are available as accessories.  Sold separately.  See table below.
Easy PC Board Mounting

Multiple mounting locations inside the lid and base of the enclosure allow for easy PC board mounting or can be used with Hammond aluminum panels (sold separately)
Infinitely Flexible with Desktop or Two Wall-Mounting Options

Heavy Duty Wall Flange Mount
(shown with accessory mounting feet)
Flush Wall Mount (Mounting Feet as Keyhole Slots)
Desktop / Tabletop (Rubber Feet Included)

Accessories include aluminum inner panels and 4-packs of mounting feet which can be used for flange mounting or keyhole mounting.
Black Light Gray White Aluminum
ABS ABS ABS Length Width Total Height Inner Panel
1556BBK 1556BGY 1556BWH 80 80 45 1556BPL
1556BABK 1556BAGY 1556BAWH 80 80 60 1556BPL
1556CBK 1556CGY 1556CWH 120 80 45 1556CPL
1556CABK 1556CAGY 1556CAWH 120 80 60 1556CPL
1556DBK 1556DGY 1556DWH 120 120 45 1556DPL
1556DABK 1556DAGY 1556DAWH 120 120 70 1556DPL
1556EBK 1556EGY 1556EWH 160 120 45 1556EPL
1556EABK 1556EAGY 1556EAWH 160 120 70 1556EPL
1556FBK 1556FGY 1556FWH 160 160 45 1556FPL
1556FABK 1556FAGY 1556FAWH 160 160 70 1556FPL
1556GBK 1556GGY 1556GWH 200 160 45 1556GPL
1556GABK 1556GAGY 1556GAWH 200 160 70 1556GPL
1556HBK 1556HGY 1556HWH 200 200 45 1556HPL
1556HABK 1556HAGY 1556HAWH 200 200 70 1556HPL

Mounting Feet

Part Number
(Pack of 4) Color
1556FOOTBK-4 Black
1556FOOTGY-4 Light Gray
1556FOOTWH-4 White

Replacement Hardware

Part Number
(Pack of 24) Type
SC527-50 Cover Screw
SC526-50 PC Board Screw
SC556-50 Mounting Foot Screw

Replacement Rubber Feet (24-pack)

Part No. 1421T6CL

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