Improving Efficiency and the Environment

April 25, 2016 in Electronics Electrical Rack Mounting Solutions

Improving Efficiency and the Environment

While being “green” has become a popular marketing term in recent years; Hammond takes great pride in exceeding the provincial and federal environmental regulations for manufacturing in Canada. While Hammond has always had a focus on conservation, during the past five years we have kicked our initiatives into overdrive.

Each year Hammond diverts millions of pounds of scrap metals, wood, paper and cardboard from landfill. Through innovation, we have seen the greatest improvements within our facilities.  In 2011 Hammond completely transitioned from our paper product drawings to a digital system. In just one year we reduced our consumption by over 1,600 pounds of standard office type paper.

Water use and treatment is another major concern within a manufacturing facility. Hammond has long been a leader in water conservation. As we use water during our powder paint process, water is used and treated for reuse on a closed loop system. This ensures that any harmful chemicals never reach the water supply.

While diversion is important, our main objective is to manufacture our products with greatest efficiency possible to reduce scrap levels. In 2012 we developed a plan to improve our use of steel and in 2013 we have been successful at better utilizing our metal materials. To achieve greater efficiency and to maintain our reputation for building quality products, Hammond has invested in new infrastructure. One example is the introduction of high efficiency welding systems. By replacing our older welding fixtures we were able to reduce our energy consumption by 33,600 kWhs per machine per year. With the number of welding systems we have in place, the energy savings are significant.

In 2010, Hammond introduced an E-Waste collection program. This program has helped us prevent the heavy metals and plastic components found in electronic waste from getting into our ground water supplies and contaminating soil. In addition to E-Waste within our operations, HMCL have placed bins for E-Waste collection for our employees to help broaden our impact. Since the program was first introduced, Hammond has diverted over 4,000 pounds of electronic waste from landfill.

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