Online Configurator & New Accessories for HME Electrical Cabinets

September 13, 2012 in Electrical Rack Mounting Solutions

Hammond Manufacturing has introduced an online configuration tool for its HME Series of modular freestanding enclosures, the Q-Assembly service, The tool is simple and logical to use. It guides the specifier from the initial selection of the required cabinet design and its size, though the selection of options and accessories to the generation of a bill of materials and a quotation. Using the configurator prevents the selection of incompatible accessories and reduces time. The cabinet is factory-assembled at no cost and is shipped as a ready-to-install unit, greatly reducing on-site assembly time.

Four additional accessories for the HME range have also been introduced. A new solid plinth can be installed ahead of the delivery of the cabinet, which allows cables to be run into the unit through two gland plates as a first fix. The cabinet is then secured to the plinth base from above in a very simple operation without having to move the base from its installed position.

Intended primarily for instrumentation and utility applications, new full height vertical ground bars have been introduced to complement the existing horizontal versions. Manufactured from one-inch wide solid copper, the bars are assembled to the cabinet at the top and bottom using spacers. They are tapped 10/32 every 3U for direct mounting of ground cables and they are fully compatible with existing 25 and 75mm grid straps and spacers.

For heavy-duty installations, new full height support bar accessory kits for inner side and rear panels provided greater rigidity and stiffness for the optional internal panels. With the kits installed, the safe loading of the panel is increased, allowing heavier components to be safely mounted on to the panel without it flexing or distorting.