What is the Hammond Communicator?

April 7, 2011 in Rack Mounting Solutions

What is the Hammond Communicator?

In 2009, Hammond Manufacturing launched a monthly newsletter to better communicate with customers and partners. While it is intended for those in the Data Center Infrastructure and related industries, we have over 4,000 subscribers from various industries and from around the world. 

Our regular topics include:

  1. Main Feature - Top Event or Topic for the Issue
  2. Feature Product - New or Feature Product for the Issue
  3. Mod-of-the-Month - See below
  4. Consultants Corner - Technical information and updates
  5. Fast Sellers - Top 10 skus from the past month
  6. Event Guide - Upcoming months and E-Tickets

We recently added Industry Update that includes news from industry associations we work with.

While the Communicator includes a number of topics, our Mod-of-the-Month (MOTM) is the most popular. MOTM features a recently completed project that is a little more complex than your traditional cabinet.