White Cabinets Save Energy in the Data Center

July 7, 2011 in Rack Mounting Solutions

In recent months we have received increasing demand for cabinets painted white. A quick search on datacenterknowledge.com reveals that there is indeed a demand for a white cabinet vs a traditional black cabinet. 


Why use white paint vs black?

With many Data Center Managers seeking cost effective ways to reduce power consumption, what better way than reducing the lighting within the facility. In fact, if you think of the basics of lighting, black absorbs light while white reflects it. Therefore, simply put, if you have white cabinets, the light is reflected throughout the facility.

While black will still serve a purpose and will continue to be in demand, consider white cabinets for your next data installation.

At Hammond Mfg, we are moving forward with a new standard white paint. Please contact us with any questions or comments regarding this.