Rack Types and Terms

Open Frame Racks

  • Open frame racks are economical compared to a fully-enclosed cabinet.
  • Open frame racks typically come in 2 or 4 post structures. They can be free-standing or wall-mounted.
  • Hammond offers open frame racks in aluminum or steel, welded or knockdown and even seismically rated.
Open frame racks, server racks, desktop racks

Wall Mount Racks & Cabinets

  • Wall mount racks and cabinets are designed to be attached to the wall when floor space is not available.
  • Wall mount racks and cabinets can be open frame or enclosed and locked.

Rack Cabinets

  • Rack Cabinets are available in either knockdown or welded frames, enclosed, with doors and side panels. They can be fully enclosed, or have perforated panels and doors for improved ventilation. 
  • Hammond Rack cabinets typically handle heavier loads and are rated for UL2416 to 3,000 lbs of equipment.
  • Rack cabinets can provide security through door and side panel locks and are a typical choice for data centers and server rooms.
Server Cabinets

Rack Accessories