Specialty Rack Mounting Solutions

Hammond Specialty Solutions

Custom without the custom price

When a standard off-the-shelf solution falls short of your requirement, Hammond can tailor our design and manufacture your perfect, specialized solution. Should you need assistance specifying your solution, our experienced sales and design professionals will share their expertise to help determine which products best fit your needs.

Since 1917, consumers have been able to rely on the Hammond brand. After being in business for over a century, we have grown to provide over fifteen thousand distinct product options. We aim to tailor an existing Hammond design to meet your specific requirements. By not having to create something from scratch, using our base design helps us save time and money. Third-party testing labs, including UL, CSA, Telcordia, and others, have evaluated and rated many of our standard items.

We prefer manufacturing to order instead of modifying pre-painted products like many competitors do. You can rest assured that your holes and cutouts will be precisely located and measured thanks to our CNC punches and laser workstations. The benefit of painting the product after changes is that you get a factory-quality paint finish with our ultra-durable powder coat every time. In addition, we can powder coat your product to match your requirements, or you may pick from some of our stocked or easy-order finishes. When you consider the time and effort required for planning, designing, drilling, tapping, cutting, touching up paint, assembling, and handling, you'll see the value of purchasing products from Hammond that are already finished and ready to be loaded.

We offer four levels of Specialty Solutions

Level 1: Special Assembly of Standard Stocked Items

Choose your standard Hammond components, and we will assemble them to your specifications.

  • Cabinet, door, and side panel assembly
  • Rack accessories installed to the specific rack unit
  • Specified mounting depth
  • Short lead time

Level 2: Simple Changes

Our Hammond products, with your simple changes, are built to order. This includes everything from Level 1.

  • Assembly of standard stocked items
  • Limited paint finish options
  • Holes and cutouts
  • Mounting options
  • Eye-bolts

Level 3: Complex Changes

Our Hammond products, with your complex changes, are built to order. This includes everything from Levels 1 & 2.

  • Changes to dimensions
  • Custom UV printing and labels
  • Custom powder coat paint finishes
    • We can work with you to develop a specific paint finish that matches your specifications. Perhaps you want your product to match your company branding or have features required for your application. Provide us with your RGB, CMYK, ANSI, PANTONE, or RAL specifications.
  • Specialty plating
  • Sound dampening

Level 4: Custom

Anything that is not based on a standard product on our website.

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