Two Brands

Rack Basics and Hammond are two distinct brands that offer different features and advantages to cater to varying customer needs. Whether practicality and affordability with Rack Basics or top-tier quality and sophistication with Hammond Racks, we offer our customers two brands that best align with their specific requirements and budget.

The Rack Basics brand is renowned for its emphasis on practicality and cost-effectiveness. They are designed to focus on functionality, providing sturdy and reliable storage solutions at an affordable price point.

These racks prioritize ease of use, with simple assembly and straightforward designs, making them ideal for businesses seeking reliable yet budget-friendly options.

The Hammond brand is synonymous with high-end quality and premium craftsmanship. Hammond products are engineered with meticulous attention to detail, using top-notch materials and innovative design elements. Hammond boasts exceptional durability, enhanced aesthetics, and advanced features that cater to the demands of professional and high-performance environments.

These products are often favored by IT, telecommunications, and audiovisual industries, where reliability, aesthetics, and customization options are crucial factors.