10-32 Countersunk Rack Screw with Plastic Cup Washer 1421A Series


  • Precision crafted constructed of heat-treated low-carbon steel.
    • Heat-treated to resist stripping.
  • Ideal for AV and Test/Measurement applications.
  • Screws feature
    • Slotted and Phillips countersunk head.
    • 0.625" length.
    • 10-32 thread.
    • Nickel plate finish
  • Plastic cup washers feature
    • Outside diameter of 0.58".
    • Hard black plastic material.


10-32 Nickel Rack Screw with Plastic Cup Washer

Part No. Description
1421A Package of 4 screws, 4 plastic cup washers
1421A10 Package of 10 screws, 10 plastic cup washers
1421A25 Package of 25 screws, 25 plastic cup washers

10-32 Nickel Rack Screws

Part No. Description
1421A10B 10 screws packaged in clamshell
1421A25B 25 screws packaged in clamshell
1421A100B 100 screws packaged in reusable jar

Black Plastic Cup Washers

Part No. Description
1421A25W Package of 25 plastic cup washers
1421A100W Package of 100 plastic cup washers
1421A500W Package of 500 plastic cup washers

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