Cabinet Fan Tops C2TF Series


  • Use with C2, C2RR, C4, C4RR, H1 or CLC cabinet series.
    • H1 requires H1TC Series for mounting.
  • 14 gauge steel construction.
  • cURus Recognized to UL507 and CSA C22.2 No.113.
Fan Tops for use with 4" Fans:
  • 4" fan top panel - fans not included (see first table below).
  • 4 or 6 opening depending on depth of rack.
  • Maximum flexibility - add fans OR leave holes open (for cable access) OR use covers (see below) OR any combination.
Pre-Wired Fan Tops
  • Available with (4) 4" fans or (1) 10" fan (factory wired).
  • Available in three depths and two colors
  • 4" versions are available with or without adjustable thermostats.
  • 10" versions are available with or without cable entry holes.



Fan top for use with Four (4) Inch Fans

Part No. Part No. Number of
Black Light Gray Fan Holes
C2T1923FBK1 C2T1923FLG1 4
C2T1931FBK1 C2T1931FLG1 6
C2T1936FBK1 C2T1936FLG1 6
C2T2423FBK1 C2T2423FLG1 4
C2T2431FBK1 C2T2431FLG1 6
C2T2436FBK1 C2T2436FLG1 6

Fan Top with Pre-wired Four (4) Inch Fans

Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
Black Light Gray Black Light Gray Noise
Thermostat Not Included Adjustable Thermostat Included (dB)
C2T1923F4BK1 C2T1923F4LG1 C2T1923F4TBK1 C2T1923F4TLG1 64
C2T1931F4BK1 C2T1931F4LG1 C2T1931F4TBK1 C2T1931F4TLG1 64
C2T1936F4BK1 C2T1936F4LG1 C2T1936F4TBK1 C2T1936F4TLG1 64
C2T2423F4BK1 C2T2423F4LG1 C2T2423F4TBK1 C2T2423F4TLG1 64
C2T2431F4BK1 C2T2431F4LG1 C2T2431F4TBK1 C2T2431F4TLG1 64
C2T2436F4BK1 C2T2436F4LG1 C2T2436F4TBK1 C2T2436F4TLG1 64

Fan Top with Pre-wired Ten (10) Inch Fan

Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
Black Light Gray Black Light Gray Noise
Cable Entry Holes Not Included Four (4) 3.5 Inch Cable Entry Holes and Covers Included (dB)
C2T1923F10BK1 C2T1923F10LG1 C2T1923F10CEBK1 C2T1923F10CELG1 60
C2T1931F10BK1 C2T1931F10LG1 C2T1931F10CEBK1 C2T1931F10CELG1 60
C2T1936F10BK1 C2T1936F10LG1 C2T1936F10CEBK1 C2T1936F10CELG1 60
C2T2423F10BK1 C2T2423F10LG1 C2T2423F10CEBK1 C2T2423F10CELG1 60
C2T2431F10BK1 C2T2431F10LG1 C2T2431F10CEBK1 C2T2431F10CELG1 60
C2T2436F10BK1 C2T2436F10LG1 C2T2436F10CEBK1 C2T2436F10CELG1 60

Fan Cover Plate

Part No. DNFPBK1

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