Square Hole Cage Nut CAGNUT Series


    • Cage nuts for square hole rack mounting rails.
    • Available in 10-32, 12-24 and M6 mounting profiles.
    • Packaged in plastic clamshell or resealable jar (depending on quantity).
    • Manufactured in North America.
    • TAA Compliant.


    • Constructed of zinc-plated SAE 1050-1065 spring steel.
    • 0.375in (9.54mm) square hole punched panel rails.
    • Heat-treated through austempering.
    • Recommended torque spec 31.4 +/- 20% inch-lbs
    • Maximum load rating will vary depending on rail mounting and cabinet load rating.

    Looking for screws as well? Get the CAGKIT that includes both screws and cage nuts.



    10-32 Cage Nuts

    Part No. Qty Included Package Type Notes
    CAGNUT1032-50 50 Plastic Jar
    CAGNUT1032-100 100 Plastic Jar

    12-24 Cage Nuts

    Part No. Qty Included Package Type
    CAGNUT1224-50 50 Plastic Jar
    CAGNUT1224-100 100 Plastic Jar

    M6 Cage Nuts

    Part No. Qty Included Package Type Style
    CAGNUTM6-50 50 Plastic Jar Rear Loading
    CAGNUTM6-100 100 Plastic Jar Rear Loading
    1421CNBF100 100 Plastic Jar Front Loading

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