Square Hole Punched Mounting Rail CPR Series

For use with C2 and REFK Series


  • Constructed in 12-gauge steel
  • Sold in pairs
  • EIA compliant square hole punched (allows choice of cage nuts for 10-32 or 12-24 or M6 thread cage nuts).
  • Rails come stamped and numbered in 1U (1.75") increments.
  • Bolts vertically in cabinets.
  • Compatible with C2 and REFK cabinets.
  • Mounting hardware included:
    • Strut mounting hardware (for both rails).
    • Starter quantity (25) of 10-32 cage nuts
  • Rails are compatible for 19"and 24" rack mounting.
  • Side of rail for rear support or accessory mounting (compatible with server slides).
  • Finished in Zinc steel plate.
Part No. Mounting Dimensions
Square Hole L-Rail Rack Units Height
CPR35SZPL 20U 35.00
CPR42SZPL 24U 42.00
CPR49SZPL 28U 49.00
CPR56SZPL 32U 56.00
CPR63SZPL 36U 63.00
CPR70SZPL 40U 70.00
CPR77SZPL 44U 77.00
CPR78SZPL 45U 78.75
CPR85SZPL 49U 85.75

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