Wall Rack Cabinet Sealing and Filter Kit HWCF Series

For use with the HWC Series

When you need to install a HWC Wallmount rack cabinet in a dusty environment we have a convenient kit that includes everything you need. The HWCF is designed to achieve an IP54 level of protection from dust filtration and protect your equipment.

The kit includes:

  • Twenty-five (25) feet of cut-to-length foam gasket.
  • Qty four (4) of the XPFA120BK filter fan grills.
  • Qty six (6) of the DNFPBK1 fan cover plates.
  • Qty one (1) of the 6" x 16" magnet panel to cover other holes.
  • Also includes mounting hardware and hole plugs.

Need active cooling? Add the AVFK or DNFK to your bill-of-materials.

Cabinet sold separately.

Part No. HWCF

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