Two Post Sliding Rack Shelf RSP Series


    • Constructed of 14 gauge steel.
    • Universal design mounts to any standard EIA compliant rack or cabinet.
    • Allows easy rack mounting of equipment or items that do not have rack mounting capabilities.
    • Easily gain rear access to non-rack mounting equipment.
    • Heavy duty ball bearing slides included
    • The slides feature a stopping mechanism, preventing the shelf from accidentally falling out of the slide tray. 
    • Up to 100 lbs (45 kg) in weight capacity.
    • Optional dividers help organize and support equipment such as consoles and cable boxes. The dividers are also great forbe bookends, organizing binders and literature.
    • Rugged textured powder paint finish.
    • TAA Compliant
    • RoHS and REACH compliant.
    • Manufactured in North America.


    Part No. Overall Dimensions Rack Shelf Shelf
    Height Width Depth Units Depth Travel
    RSP2U16 3.50 19.00 16.25 2U 16.00 16.00
    RSP3U20 5.25 19.00 20.25 3U 20.00 16.00

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    Optional Adjustable Equipment Barrier

    Part No. Overall Dimensions
    Height Width Depth
    RSPF15 5.00 0.25 5.00

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