Thermal Containment System TCS Series

The Thermal Containment System (TCS) Series is a factory customized panel system that is used to reduce or eliminate hot air and cold air from mixing. Typically used in new data centers, the TCS series can be customized to fit any ceiling height. By implementing thermal containment, a facility manager can increase cooling efficiency and reduce facility operating costs. 

The TCS Series was designed to fit our CLC Cabinet Series and H1 Cabinet Series. It can be installed upon cabinet delivery or added during future facility upgrades. 

Standard Options Include:

  • Hot/Cold aisle panels
  • Dual sliding doors
  • Cabinet filler panels


  • Extruded aluminum panel frames.
  • Lightweight multi-wall polycarbonate panel has been fire rated to CAN/ULC-S102.2 specifications.
  • Foam used throughout containment assembly has been fire rated to UL94HF1 specifications.
  • Aisle doors include integrated ball barring nylon wheel for ease of movement.
  • Panels include fire rated gasket material to air tight seal.
  • Sliding Door is finished in textured black powder paint.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America.

Thermal Containment Chimney:

For a popular and cost-effective method of containing heat in smaller computer rooms and data centers, consider the Thermal Containment Chimney (CLCH Series). The chimney is fastened to the top-rear of the cabinet and directs hot air from the cabinet into a ducted plenum (lowered T-bar ceiling). The main purpose of the chimney is to prevent the hot air from mixing with the cool air entering the front of the cabinets.
To learn more about the CLCH Series, click here.

Containment Door

Part No. Description Overall Dimensions
Height Width Depth
HCS-DDR Steel frame resting on bearing wheels include an aluminum handle 82.00 48.00 2.00

Containment Door Components

Part No. Overall Dimensions Cabinet
Height Width Depth Depth
HCS-DTR 6.00 48.00 2.00 Works with All
HCS-DFG-36 3.00 36.00 3.00 36.00
HCS-DFG-42 3.00 42.00 3.00 42.00
HCS-DFG-48 3.00 48.00 3.00 48.00

Containment Panels

Part No. Description Overall Dimensions
Height Width Depth
HCS-TAP-2424 Individual Cabinet Vertical Aisle Panel 24.00 24.00 1.00
HCS-TAP-2448 Double Cabinet Vertical Aisle Panel 24.00 48.00 1.00
HCS-TEP-2248 Vertical Aisle End Panel (Above Door) 22.00 48.00 1.00
HCS-TIP-2448 Vertical Aisle End Panel (Completes Row without Door) 24.00 48.00 1.00
HCS-VCF-2482 Vertical Cabinet Panel (Fills the void where a cabinet would be placed) 82.25 24.00 1.00
HCS-HAP-2448 Horizontal Aisle Containment Panel (Contains two cabinets) 1.00 48.00 24.00

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