NEBS™ Telcordia® Certified GR-63 Zone 4 Seismic Cabinet DCZ4 Series

UL 2416 Rated 3,000 lbs Weight Capacity


  • Constructed in 14-gauge steel (body), 12-gauge steel corner braces and 16-gauge doors and side panels.
  • EIA-310-D compliant 10-32 tapped or square hole punched rails with 19” mounting. (Rails include rack unit labels)
  • Rugged design engineered to perform in the most critical seismic environments.
  • Includes generous stud locations for grounding and bonding applications.
  • Cable Management Includes
    • Four (4) 3.5” top cable access holes.
    • Various bottom panels allow different cable management options.
    • Corner braces include mounting for cable tray and outlet strips.
    • Support for up to four optional 4” deep vertical cable managers.
  • Compatible with standard C2 top panels with options that include Solid, Vented, Fan cutouts.
    • Pre-installed fan(s) capable of up to 550 CFM.
  • Solid Side panels available.
  • Flush-mount doors come with 3-point latching and stiffeners to reduce flexing and bowing while increasing cabinet security.
    • Available in Solid, Window and 63% Perforated punch pattern.
  • NEW! Low-Profile 4-Pin combination lock with key override. Also compatible with electronic locking options.
  • Ganging holes allow for joining multiple cabinets.
  • Finished in textured black powder paint. Also available in textured white upon request.

Seismic Specifications

  • Independently tested and certified to exceed established Seismic Zone 4 NEBS™ Telcordia® GR-63-CORE testing standards.
    • Dynamic (seismic) suggested load capacity of 1,000 lb. (453.6 kg) of equipment installed and 100 lb. (45.4 kg) of simulated cable weight on the top when secured using C4K-Z4 (sold separately) seismic bolt down kit.
  • UL Listed 2416 rated for up to 3,000 lbs (1,360 kg) static load rating.
    • Applies to factory assemblies, such as the DCZ4A307742BK only.
  • TAA Compliant.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America.
  • Additional sizes also available.

Order the DCZ4A307742BK to get our pre-assembled cabinet:

  • One (1) DCZ4F307742BK - DCZ4 Cabinet Frame
  • Two (2) C4PR77SZPL - Pair of Square Hole Rails
  • Two (2) DCZ4SP7742BK - DCZ4 Side Panels
  • Two (2) DCZ4VD3077BK - DCZ4 63% Vented Doors
  • One (1) C2T2431SBK1 - Standard C2 Solid Top Panel


Pre-Assembled Cabinet

Part No. Overall Dimensions Rack Usable Mounting Dimensions
Height Width Depth Units Height Width Depth
DCZ4A307742BK 82.81 30.00 42.00 44U 77.06 19.00 35.75

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DCZ4 Frame

Part No. Overall Dimensions Usable Mounting Dimensions Mounting Rail Mounting Rail
Height Width Depth Height Depth Rack Units Tapped 10-32 Square Hole
DCZ4F307742BK 82.81 30.00 42.00 77.06 35.75 44U C4PR77TZPL C4PR77SZPL

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DCZ4 Side Panels (Sold Individually)

Part No. Use with Cabinet
Rack Units Depth
DCZ4SP7742BK 44U 42.00

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DCZ4 Doors

Part No. Part No. Part No.
Solid Door Window Door 63% Vented Door

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DCZ4 Top Panels

Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
Solid Vented Fan Cutouts Four (4) 4.7" Fans One (1) 10" Fan
C2T2431SBK1 C2T2431VBK1 C2T2431FBK1 C2T2431F4BK1 C2T2431F10BK1

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DCZ4 Bottom Panels

Part No. C4B3036SBK1

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