Welded Steel 2-Post Rack DNRRLDW Series

850 lbs|386 kg Weight Capacity

Note: This product line will soon be discontinued as a stocked series. Available while quantities last. It has been replaced with DNRRLDK Series. For alternative solution assistance, please contact Hammond here or call: USA (716) 630-7030, Canada and International (519) 822-2960.

When strength and reliability is the highest priority, be sure to choose the Data/Networking Robust Rack (DNRR) from Hammond Manufacturing. Designed to support your rack mount infrastructure, regardless of the application, the DNRR includes premium features not found on most other racks. 


  • Constructed in 12-gauge steel.
  • Our automated tapping assembly provides EIA compliant 10-32 tapped rails on the front to ensure ease of mounting rack mount equipment.
    • Includes marked rack unit dividers to aid in equipment mounting.
  • To keep the rack upright when loaded with equipment, we've included a large base for freestanding support. Optionally, the base can be caster mounted for moving the rack.
  • To keep it looking great, the DNRR undergoes a three-stage paint process which includes a coat of premium smooth black powder paint.
  • Before sending the DNRR on its way we cover the rails and base with a thick layer of cardboard to prevent any damage that may occur during transportation.
  • Tested to nearly double the suggested static load rating of 850 lbs (386 kg).
  • TAA compliant for GSA Schedule purchases.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America.


Part No. Overall Dimensions Rack Mounting Dimensions Replaced by
Height Width Depth Units Height Width Part No.
DNRR42LDW 44.60 20.00 19.78 24U 42.00 19.00 -
DNRR63LDW 65.60 20.00 19.78 36U 63.00 19.00 -
DNRR70LDW 72.60 20.00 19.78 40U 70.00 19.00 DNRR1970LDK
DNRR77LDW 79.60 20.00 19.78 44U 77.00 19.00 -
DNRR84LDW 86.60 20.00 19.78 48U 84.00 19.00 -

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