Welded Steel 2-Post Rack DNRRLDW Series

850 lbs|386 kg Weight Capacity

Note: This product line will soon be discontinued as a stocked series. Available while quantities last. It has been replaced with DNRRLDK Series. For alternative solution assistance, please contact Hammond here or call: USA (716) 630-7030, Canada and International (519) 822-2960.

When strength and reliability is the highest priority, be sure to choose the Data/Networking Robust Rack (DNRR) from Hammond Manufacturing. Designed to support your rack mount infrastructure, regardless of the application, the DNRR includes premium features not found on most other racks. 


  • Constructed in 12-gauge steel..
  • Our automated tapping assembly provides EIA compliant 10-32 tapped rails on the front to ensure ease of mounting rack mount equipment.
    • Includes marked rack unit dividers to aid in equipment mounting.
  • To keep the rack upright when loaded with equipment, we've included a large base for freestanding support. Optionally, the base can be caster mounted for moving the rack.
  • To keep it looking great, the DNRR undergoes a three-stage paint process which includes a coat of premium smooth black powder paint.
  • Before sending the DNRR on its way we cover the rails and base with a thick layer of cardboard to prevent any damage that may occur during transportation.
  • Tested to nearly double the suggested static load rating of 850 lbs (386 kg).
  • TAA Compliant.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Manufactured in North America.


Part No. Overall Dimensions Rack Mounting Dimensions Replaced by
Height Width Depth Units Height Width Part No.
DNRR42LDW 44.60 20.00 19.78 24U 42.00 19.00 DNRR1942LDK
DNRR63LDW 65.60 20.00 19.78 36U 63.00 19.00 DNRR1963LDK
DNRR70LDW 72.60 20.00 19.78 40U 70.00 19.00 DNRR1970LDK
DNRR77LDW 79.60 20.00 19.78 44U 77.00 19.00 DNRR1977LDK
DNRR84LDW 86.60 20.00 19.78 48U 84.00 19.00 DNRR1984LDK

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