Barrier Kits for Type 4 Floormount BKFM Series


  • Barrier kits are designed to provide 2 vertical sections within 2 door, Type 4 enclosures.
  • For use with HN4FM Series,1422N4 Series and 2STFSD Series
  • For application example, can provide separation between power and control sections within one cabinet.
  • Does NOT provide complete physical separation as there is space above and below the barrier to run wiring.
  • Depth mounted - bolted to the inner panel at rear and the center post at front.
  • Certain sizes are depth adjustable
  • Panels are steel and painted white.
  • Mounting hardware included.
Part No. Description
BKFM6012 For use with 60H x 10/12D
BKFM6018 For use with 60H x 18D
BKFM7218 For use with 72H x 12/18D
BKFM7224 For use with 72H x 24D

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Tags: barrier kit, two door, vertical, section, partition, HN4FM, 1422N4, 2STFSD