Compact LED Light Kit LEDLK Series

Our compact LED light kit provides efficient lighting solution for most enclosure applications without taking up valuable interior space. Available in magnet or screw mounting and AC or DC power options.


  • Housing constructed in transparent plastic.
  • Screw or magnet mounting.
  • Available with rocker switch or motion sensor.
  • Easily connect up to ten (10) light kits together in a daisy chain using LEDXXCORDCON cords. (Except LEDACNS-ECON).
  • Connection: 2-pole plug with snap lock; AC: max. 2.5 A / AC 240 V, white connector; DC: max. 2.5 A / DC 60 V, blue connector. (Except LEDACNS-ECON).
  • Requires hard-wired connection using LEDXXCORDPOWR power cord with leads and plug or power brick (not included). (Except LEDACNS-ECON).


  • LED provide 400 Lm at 120° (1,200 Lm at 360° or equivalent 95W light bulb).
  • LED temperature 6,000 to 7,000 K.
  • Operating / Storage temperature: -22 to +140 °F (-30 to +60 °C) / -40 to +185 °F (-40 to +85 °C).
  • Operating / Storage humidity: max. 90 %RH (non-condensing).
  • Service life: 60,000 hrs. at 68 °F (20 °C).
  • Max. 5 W power consumption (~ 75 W incandescent bulb)
  • Protection class / Protection type: II (double insulated) / IP20

Note that the cord on this product is intended to be hard-wired. There are currently no standard plug types for this product.



LED Light Kits

Part No. Voltage On/Off Mount
LEDACSWMAG 90-260V AC Switch Magnet
LEDACMSMAG 90-260V AC Sensor Magnet
LEDACSWSCR 90-260V AC Switch Screw
LEDACMSSCR 90-260V AC Sensor Screw
LEDDCSWMAG 20-60V DC Switch Magnet
LEDDCMSMAG 20-60V DC Sensor Magnet
LEDDCSWSCR 20-60V DC Switch Screw
LEDDCMSSCR 20-60V DC Sensor Screw

LED Light Kit Cords

Part No. Type Source Length
LEDACCORDPOW Power Cord w/leads AC 78.75
LEDDCCORDPOW Power Cord w/leads DC 78.75
LEDACCORDCON Connector/Daisy Chain Cord AC 39.38
LEDDCCORDCON Connector/Daisy Chain Cord DC 39.38

Light Channel Hardware

Part No. Description
LCMTG1032 Light channel mounting hardware - 4 x spring nuts/10-32 screws

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