Pole Mounting Kit PJPOLEMNT Series

PJ/PJU - Non Metallic Series


  • Eight sizes cover PJU & PJ up to 30x24
  • Adjustable steel band allows mounting on pole diameters up to 15"
  • Adaptable pole mounting on round, square and rectangular shapes
  • Minimal assembly with fewer parts for installation
  • Corrosion protection for long outdoor life
Pole Mount Kit Use with PJ Series Use with PJU/PCJ Series
Part Number (including all variations) (including all variations)
PJPOLEMNT8 PJ864,PJ1084,PJ1086 PJU/PCJ1084
PJPOLEMNT10 PJ1084,PJ1086, PJ12106 PJU/PCJ12106
PJPOLEMNT12 PJ12106, PJ14126 PJU/PCJ14126
PJPOLEMNT14 PJ14126, PJ16148 PJU/PCJ16148, PJU/PCJ201610 (Mtg foot version only)
PJPOLEMNT16 PJ16148, PJ18168, PJ20168 PJU/PCJ181610, PJU/PCJ201610 (Flange version only)
PJPOLEMNT20 PJ242010 -
PJPOLEMNT24 PJ242010, PJ242410, PJ302410 -
PJPOLEMNT30 PJEC363012, PJW363014, PJW483610, PJW483614, PJW603610, PJW603614 -

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