PW Series Inner Panel PWP Series

Note: This product line has been discontinued as a stocked series. Information is for reference only. For alternative solution assistance, please contact Hammond here or call: USA (716) 630-7030, Canada and International (519) 822-2960.

  • Available in steel or unfinished aluminum.
  • 12 gauge steel panels are finished in white baked powder coating.
  • Aluminum panels are 0.125" (3.2mm) unfinished.
  • Hardware to mount inner panels is included with PW enclosures.

Steel Aluminum Fits
Part No. Part No. Enclosure A B
PWP4333 PWPA4333 PW433320 14.37 9.84
PWP5343 PWPA5343 PW534320 18.31 13.78
PWP6544 PWPA6544 PW654425 22.24 13.78
PWP7554 PWPA7554 PW755430 26.18 17.72
PWP8564 PWPA8564 PW856430 30.12 21.65

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