Quarter Turn Inserts and Keys


  • For Eclipse and Series 2000 Enclosures
  • Field installable inserts replace standard quarter turn slot.
  • Available in double bit, square and triangle formats, as well as slotted.
  • Maintains NEMA, UL and CSA 12, 4 and 4X ratings.
  • Non-slot inserts provide extra security since standard screw drivers cannot open.
  • Keys sold separately from inserts.
Part No. Description
2SQI7 7mm square insert, black
2SQK7 7mm square key, fits 2SQI7
2TRI7 7mm triangle insert, black
2TRK7 7mm triangle key, fits 2TRI7
2SLI Slotted insert, black
2DBI3 Double bit insert, 3mm pin, black
2DBI3SS Double bit insert, 3mm pin, stainless
PMKEY Double bit key, fits 2DBI3/2DBI3SS

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