Stack Lights PBR Series

  • Modular design for all indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Provides warning signals and diplays machine status.
  • High level of protection against electric shock with IP 54 rating.
  • Separate components for easy ordering to suit every installation application.


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Base and Tubes

Part No. Description L1 L2
PBR50BC Base & End Module - -
PBR50S100 Tubular Stand/Plinth 3.46 -
PBR50S250 Tubular Stand/Plinth 9.37 -
PBR50T100 Threaded tubular stand/bracket - 3.07
PBR50T250 Threaded tubular stand/bracket - 8.98
PBR50T400 Threaded tubular stand/bracket - 14.13


Part No. Description
PBR50CLCL Continuous beam module, transparent
PBR50CLYE Continuous beam module, yellow
PBR50CLAM Continuous beam module, amber
PBR50CLRE Continuous beam module, red
PBR50CLGR Continuousbeam module, green
PBR50CLBL Continuous beam module, blue
PBR50BLYE24V Blinking module, yellow
PBR50BLRE24V Blinking module, red
PBR50BLGR24V Blinking module, green

Gaskets, Bulbs and Accessories

Part No. Description
PBR50MG Replacement gasket for light module & base module
PBR50TG Replacement gasket for mounting tube with plinth
PBR50BG Replacement gasket for direct mounting IP 65
PBR50LED24 LED light bulb 24V/BA 15d
PBR50LED115 LED light bulb 115V/BA 15d
PBR50L24 Light bulb 24V DC/BA 15d 7W
PBR50L115 Light bulb 115V CD/BA 15d 7W
PBR50LS Bulb Remover/Installer
Modular Data Continuous Beam Blinking Light
Modular Colors Yellow, Red, Green, Amber, Blue, Transparent Yellow, Red, Green
Modular Stages Max. 5 Max. 5 )
Angle of Beam 360 degrees 360 degrees
Percentage Duty Cycle 1 1
Rated Power, max. 7W 7W
Rated Power with 5 stages 5W 5W
Lamp Socket BA 15d BA 15d
Service life of light bulb/tube approx. 1500h approx. 1500h
AC Voltage Rating 230 V, 50/60 Hz, -15% to + 10% 230 V, 50/60 Hz, -15% to +10%
Current Capacity Rating 0.035 A 0.08 A
DC Voltage Rating 24 V, -15% to +20% 24 V, -15% to +20%
Current Capacity Rating 0.3 A 0.25 A
Other Data
Protection Rating IP 54
Operating Temperature -25 o C to +45 o C
Relative Humidity 0.9
Installation Vertical or Horizontal
Mounting Stand, tube mounting or direct mounting
Accessories Gasket for light module + basic module IP 65
Gasket for tubular stand on plinth IP 65
Gasket for direct mounting IP 65
Wall bracket with hood
Weight of Plinth Stand mounting (w/o module): approx. 220g
Tube mounting (w/o module): 200g
Direct mounting (w/o module): 180g
Materials Modular: polycarbonate, Plinth: ABS, Tube: stainless steel

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