Exhaust Filters PFA3R Series

Type 3R

  • Maintains a UL Tested NEMA Type 3R seal against enclosure
  • Patented “Click & Fit” design provides a hardware-free installation
  • Plastic made from strong, heat resistant (ABS-FR) UL 94 VO fire approved material
  • Fluted, durable filter provides superior service life between maintenance (up to 3X alternative filter materials)
  • Offered in Light Gray or Black


Part Number Light Gray (RAL7035) Part Number Black (RAL9011) Filtration Efficiency %
PFA20000T3RLG PFA20000T3RBK 91
PFA30000T3RLG PFA30000T3RBK 91
PFA40000T3RLG PFA40000T3RBK 91
PFA60000T3RLG PFA60000T3RBK 91

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