Ventilation Kit Type 4X SDV N4

  • Designed to equalize internal / external pressure and temperature
  • Ventilators assist in condensation prevention by allowing enclosures to breathe
  • Internal baffles create airflow pattern that allows air to pass between the inside of the enclosure to the outside environment
  • Molded in corrosion resistant polycarbonate material finish in RAL7035 Light Gray
  • Designed for use with enclosure wall thickness from 16 gauge to 1/4 "
  • Compatible for use with both metallic and non-metallic enclosures
  • Installation template included
  • Package quantity 2
Part No. SDVN4XN2
Ingress Protection UL & CSA Type 1,3R,4, 4X IP66
Material Injected Molded Polycarbonate
Gasket Material (FIP) Polyurethane
Operating Temperature 266 F to -31F ( 130 C to -35 C)
Flamability V-O per UL94
Outdoor rating UV rating (f1) per UL746C-UV stabilized

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