10-30 W Mini Radiant Heaters SHGM Series


  • Designed for use in small enclosure housing or for heating of isolated spots in sensitive areas
  • Compact design
  • Used in combination with Normally Closed Thermostat or Humidistat


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Part No. Watts Max. Current X Y Z L
SHGM1410 10 1 1.16 1.77 1.97 12.00
SHGM1420 20 1.1 1.16 1.77 1.97 12.00
SHGM1430 30 1.2 1.16 1.77 1.97 12.00
Operating Voltage: 110-250 AC 50/60 Hz
Heating Element: PTC resistor, self regulating surface temperature
Heating Body: Aluminum, black anodised
Max surface temperature: 10w @ 203°F/95°C 20w @239°F/115°C 30w @284°F/140°C
Connection: Connecting cable 11.8"
Mounting: Din rail 35mm profile
Protection class: IP20
Approval: UL Recognized Component, cUL Recognized Componet, CE

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