Type 4, 4X Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Turret Units Series 2000

Modular Console System


  • Ideal as a housing for video screens.
  • Flexible design provides panel mount or rack mount capabilities for a variety of applications.
  • Generally used in combination with other modular console components (ie. base, pedestal, and/or desk).
  • Available in either Standard (supported by Base, Pedestal, or Standard Desk) or Deep (supported by Deep Desk only) format.
  • Smooth lines and clean edges provide an attractive, contemporary appearance.


  • UL 508A Type 3R, 4,12
  • CSA Type 3R, 4, 12, 13
  • EIA RS-310-D
  • Complies with
    • NEMA Type 3R, 4, 12
    • IEC 60529, IP66


  • Formed 14 gauge steel bodies with 14 gauge steel doors.
    Also offered with formed 14 gauge 304 stainless steel bodies with 14 gauge 304 stainless steel doors.
  • Smooth, continuously welded seams without knockouts or holes.
  • Body stiffeners are provided where required for increased strength and rigidity.
  • Offered in 4 widths 24", 36", 48" and 60".
  • Features solid sides and top, solid door on front (opens down) and back (opens up), and open bottom.
  • Front door features sliding rod mechanism, which allows a 102º opening when in the lowered position.
  • Rear door features manual, 3 position adjustable door stop which provides convenient support while door in open position.
  • Formed lip on enclosure excludes flowing liquids and contaminants.
  • Slotted quarter turn oil-tight latches secure the door, with optional tamper resistant and locking latches available.
  • Stainless steel models utilize stainless steel hardware.
  • Oil resistant gaskets are permanently secured.
  • Features several internal stud locations for mounting of various accessories.
  • A bonding screw is provided on the door and a grounding stud is provided in the enclosure.


  • Available in RAL 7035 light gray textured powder coating and natural stainless steel with a smooth, brushed finish.
  • 24" Front Window Door available in same finishes.


Standard Depth Turret

RAL 7035 Light Gray Stainless Steel Enclosure
Part No. Part No. H W D1 D2
2CLT202436 2CST202436 20.00 24.00 12.38 16.62
2CLT203636 2CST203636 20.00 36.00 12.38 16.62
2CLT204836 2CST204836 20.00 48.00 12.38 16.62
2CLT206036 2CST206036 20.00 60.00 12.38 16.62

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Extra Deep Turret

RAL 7035 Light Gray Stainless Steel Enclosure
Part No. Part No. H W D1 D2
2CLT202443 2CST202443 20.00 24.00 16.62 23.31
2CLT203643 2CST203643 20.00 36.00 16.62 23.31
2CLT204843 2CST204843 20.00 48.00 16.62 23.31
2CLT206043 2CST206043 20.00 60.00 16.62 23.31

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