Type 4X Stainless Steel Two Door Floormount Enclosure 1422 N4 QT SS Series

Continuous Hinge Door with Quarter Turn


  • Designed to house electrical, electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic controls and instruments.
  • Provides protection where equipment may be hosed down or otherwise be very wet, or in specific applications where corrosion is a serious problem.


  • UL 508A Type 3R, 4, 4X, and 12
  • CSA Type 3R, 4, 4X, and 12
  • Complies with
    • NEMA Type 3R, 4, 4X, 12 and 13
    • IEC 60529, IP66


  • Formed 12 gauge 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Smooth, continuously welded seams without knockouts, cutouts or holes.
  • Body stiffeners are provided in the larger enclosures for extra rigidity.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel lifting eyebolts are provided with reinforcing support angles.
  • Center post is removable for easy installation of the inner panel.
  • Formed lip on door and top of enclosure opening exclude flowing liquids and contaminants.
  • Continuously hinged doors may be removed by pulling the stainless steel hinge pin.
  • Doors are secured with quarter turn latches.
  • Provision for padlocking.
  • 12" floor stands are welded to the enclosure.
  • Seamless poured-in place gasket.
  • Panel supports are provided for easy panel installation.
  • Collar studs are provided for mount­ing inner panels.
  • A bonding stud is provided on the door and a grounding stud is provided in the enclosure for each door.
  • A literature pocket is provided.


  • Cover and enclosure are natural stainless steel with a smooth brushed finish.
  • Removable 10 gauge inner panel is finished in white powder coating.


Gallery Image

304 S.S. 316 S.S. Enclosure Panel
Part No. Part No. H W D H W
1422N4SSB12FQT 1422N4S16B12FQT 60.13 48.06 12.69 56.00 44.00
1422N4SSD12FQT 1422N4S16D12FQT 60.13 60.06 12.69 56.00 56.00
1422N4SSE12FQT 1422N4S16E12FQT 72.13 60.06 12.69 68.00 56.00
1422N4SSF12FQT 1422N4S16F12FQT 72.13 72.06 12.69 68.00 68.00
1422N4SSF24FQT 1422N4S16F24FQT 72.13 72.06 24.69 68.00 68.00

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