Type 12 Lay-In Wireway 1485 Series

Wireway & Accessories


  • Designed to enclose and protect electrical wiring from dirt, dust, oil and water.
  • All sections and fittings are completely open on each side to allow wires and cables to be placed into the wireway without "pulling through".


  • UL 870 Type 1 (unless marked¹)
  • CSA Type 1 (unless marked¹)
  • Complies with
    • NEMA Type 12
    • IEC 60529, IP54


  • Bodies and covers are formed from 14-gauge steel with 10 gauge steel flanges.
  • Flanges are open at the top to allow cables to lay in when doors open.
  • 12” x 6” size has a 12 gauge steel body with a 14-gauge cover.
  • Smooth continuously welded seams.
  • Interior surfaces are smooth to prevent wire damage during 
  • Butt hinged cover is secured with easily operated quick release clamps.
  • Oil resistant gaskets are permanently secured.
  • Solid oil resistant gaskets are used between flanges when sections and fittings are bolted together.
  • One gasket kit, complete with hardware is provided with each straight section or fitting.
  • Sealing plate is supplied.
  • Flange junctions are sealed with gasket sealing plates, which are put in place after wiring is completed. One is supplied with all straight sections and most fittings; see table for exact number.


  • Sections and components are finished in ANSI 61 gray powder coating.


  • When joining a wireway section or fitting to an enclosure be sure to order a box connector.
  • When joining two wireway sections, or joining a wireway section to a fitting, a flat sealing plate is required at each junction; necessary kits are supplied with each section and fitting. See table, extra kits may be ordered if necessary.
  • When joining a lay-in wireway section or fitting to a closure plate, a box connector, or cut-off fitting, an angle sealing plate is required at each junction.
  • Necessary kits are supplied with each section and fitting - see table. Extra kits, although not normally required, are necessary when joining lay-in wireway to a non-lay-in section or fitting section.


Gallery Image

Sealing Plates 2.5 x 2.5 4 x 4 6 x 6 8 x 8 12 x 6
Description Supplied Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.
6" Section 1 Flat 1485B6 1485C6 1485D6 1485E6 1485F6
12" Section 1 Flat 1485B12 1485C12 1485D12 1485E12 1485F12
24" Section 1 Flat 1485B24 1485C24 1485D24 1485E24 1485F24
36" Section 1 Flat 1485B36 1485C36 1485D36 1485E36 1485F36
48" Section 1 Flat 1485B48 1485C48 1485D48 1485E48 1485F48
60" Section 1 Flat 1485B60 1485C60 1485D60 1485E60 1485F60
120" Section 1 Flat 1485B120 1485C120 1485D120 1485E120 1485F120
60" Long Partition (Barrier) - - 1487CB60¹ 1487DB60¹ 1487EB60¹ 1487DB60¹
1" Nipple 1 Flat 1485BM1 1485CM1 1485DM1 - -
2" Nipple 1 Flat 1485BM2 1485CM2 1485DM2 - -
3" Nipple 1 Flat 1485BM3 1485CM3 1485DM3 - -
Box Entry Swivel Nipple 1 Angle 1485BV1 1485CV1 1485DV1 1485EV1 -
Standard Swivel Nipple 2 Angle 1485BV2 1485CV2 1485DV2 1485EV2 -
12" Transposition Clockwise 1 Flat 1485BZ12 1485CZ12 1485DZ12 1485EZ12 -
12" Transposition Counter-Clockwise 1 Flat 1485BZC12 1485CZC12 1485DZC12 1485EZC12 -
Flexible Fitting None 1485BFF 1485CFF 1485DFF 1485EFF -
Adjustable Fitting 1 Spec. 1485BX¹ 1485CX¹ 1485DX¹ 1485EX¹ 1485FX¹
Cut-Off Fitting Lay-In 1 Flat 1485BW1¹ 1485CW1¹ 1485DW1¹ 1485EW1¹ 1485FW1¹
Cut-Off Fitting Non Lay-In 1 Angle 1485BW2¹ 1485CW2¹ 1485DW2¹ 1485EW2¹ 1485FW2¹
90° Elbow, Top Opening 1 Flat 1485B9N 1485C9N 1485D9N 1485E9N 1485F9N
90° Elbow, Inside Opening 1 Flat 1485B9P 1485C9P 1485D9P 1485E9P 1485F9P
90° Elbow, Outside Opening 1 Flat 1485B9Q 1485C9Q 1485D9Q 1485E9Q 1485F9Q
45° Elbow, Top Opening 1 Flat 1485B4N 1485C4N 1485D4N 1485E4N 1485F4N
45° Elbow, Inside Opening 1 Flat 1485B4P 1485C4P 1485D4P 1485E4P -
45° Elbow, Outside Opening 1 Flat 1485B4Q 1485C4Q 1485D4Q 1485E4Q -
Tee Fitting, Top Opening 2 Flat 1485BTN 1485CTN 1485DTN 1485ETN 1485FTN
Tee Fitting, Outside & Top Opening 2 Flat 1485BTQ 1485CTQ 1485DTQ 1485ETQ -
Cross Fitting 3 Flat 1485BY 1485CY 1485DY 1485EY 1485FY
Reducer 4 x 4 to 2.5 x 2.5 None - 1485CRE - - -
Reducer 6 x 6 to 4 x 4 None - - 1485DRE - -
Reducer 8 x 8 to 6 x 6 None - - - 1485ERE -
Reducer 12 x 6 to 4 x 4 None - - - - 1485FREC
Reducer 12 x 6 to 6 x 6 None - - - - 1485FRED
Junction Box 1 Flat 1485BJ 1485CJ 1485DJ 1485EJ -
Box Connector 1 Angle 1485BK¹ 1485CK¹ 1485DK¹ 1485EK¹ 1485FK¹
Drop Hanger None 1485BL1¹ 1485CL1¹ 1485DL1¹ 1485EL1¹ -
Bracket Hanger None 1485BL2¹ 1485CL2¹ 1485DL2¹ 1485EL2¹ -
Cover Plate 1 Angle 1485BH² 1485CH² 1485DH² 1485EH² 1485FH²
Snap On Flat Sealing Plate None 1485BSM² 1485CSM² 1485DSM² 1485ESM² 1485FSM²
Angle Sealing Plate None 1485BS9² 1485CS9² 1485DS9² 1485ES9² 1485FS9²

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