Industry and the Products they use

The following is a list of those industries with the enclosures most commonly used by them.

Industry Examples of Products Used
Utilities, Municipalities (water/waste water)
Industrial Enclosures, Non Metallic NEMA 4X
Saw Mills, Pulp & Paper, Mining
Industrial Disconnect, Freestanding, Corrosion Resistant
Farm, Irrigation Systems
Corrosion Resistant, Non Metallic NEMA 4X
Transportation Industries
Industrial Enclosures, Aluminum NEMA 4X
Marine, Naval, Canadian Forces
Industrial, Freestanding NEMA 4, Non Metallic & Stainless Steel
General Industries
Industrial Modular Operator Interface
Process Industries (oil, chemical, food processing)
Industrial Corrosion Resistant, 316 Stainless Steel