Two Design Styles

The application or use normally decides the style. For example, if frequent opening is required, the new 1/4 turn contemporary design is faster and easier than removing the compression clamps. If the application demands heavy equipment mounted to the doors or large cutouts that weaken the door structure, a heavy duty traditional style is recommended. Hammond offers a variety of both Traditional and Euro/Contemporary designs with various NEMA ratings, material types and features.  

Traditional Design

Traditional design is generally heavy duty or severe environment conditions.

Euro or Contemporary Design

Euro/Contemporary design is generally used for appearance, ease of entry or for use with modular accessories.

Features and Benefits of Enclosure Types

Features Traditional Euro/Contemporary
Enclosure Types
Wallmounts, Floormounts, Freestanding
Wallmounts, Floormount Modular
NEMA Rating
Type 12, 4 & 4X
Type 12, 4 & 4X
Material Type
Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Non-metallic
Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Non-metallic
Mild Steel 
ASA 61 Gray exterior
White interior
Stainless Steel - brushed
Non-metallic - Medium Gray
Mild Steel
ASA 61 Gray Exterior
RAL 7035 interior/exterior
Stainless Steel - brushed
Non-metallic - Medium Gray
Continuous piano hinge
advantage - greater strength
Concealed hinge
advantage - easily removable
Door Closure
Clamps, screws or handle
advantage - maximum surface area
Quarter Turn - 2 or 3 point handle
advantage - easily accessible entry
Comes standard on enclosure
Accessory padlock adaptor available
Mounting Options
Integrated mounting feet
Holes through box or optional feet
Lip Construction
Flat or formed lip seal
Flanged trough collar (FTC) lip seal
Inner Panel
White inner panel included
White or galvanized inner panel available as an accessory*

* Eclipse Junior & HME Series includes a galvanized inner panel.