15 Amp Vertical Rackmount Surge Strip 1585-6-7-8-S Series


  • Low-profile slim design.
  • Constructed of rugged light weight aluminum.
  • Designed for a variety of applications:
    • Install in your server cabinets
    • Wall mount cabinets
    • Open frame racks
    • Or install horizontally above your work bench.
  • Each outlet strip included a hardware mounting kit. Order P/N: 1585CLIP for additional hardware kit.
  • Receptacles are 1” square and are equally spaced over the length of the power strip.
  • With on/off switch or pilot light and 15 Amp circuit breaker.
  • Plug type available is a NEMA 5-15P straight blade.
  • Click here for our non-surge protected version.

Surge Features

  • Rated 15 amps, 120 volts.
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge wire cord - 14/3 SJT type for extreme temperature ranges and integral molded plug.
  • 18,000 Amp rated MOV's & filter capacitor provide surge suppression and EMI/RFI noise protection.
  • Maximum 54,000 Amps transient current and 780 Joules.
  • 400V Clamp Rating.
  • Protection in all 3 AC modes (L-N, L-G, N-G).
  • Voltage suppression at the outlet guards against transients from equipment on the outlet strip.
  • Green indicator light confirms surge module is active.
  • Internal protection will disconnect the surge module at the end of it's useful life (and extinguish the green light) but will maintain power to the load, now unprotected.
  • CSA certified, Standards C22.2 (No. 21-95, No. 42-99 and No. 8-M1986).


Part No. Part No. Strip Number Surge Cord Color NEMA
On-Off Switch Pilot Light Length of Outlets Protected Length (ft) Plug Type
1585H8A1S 1585T8A1S 48.00 8 Yes 6 Natural 5-15P
1585H8B1S 1585T8B1S 48.00 8 Yes 15 Natural 5-15P
1585H10A1S 1585T10A1S 48.00 10 Yes 6 Natural 5-15P
1585H10B1S 1585T10B1S 48.00 10 Yes 15 Natural 5-15P
1585H15A1S 1585T15A1S 48.00 15 Yes 6 Natural 5-15P
1585H15B1S 1585T15B1S 48.00 15 Yes 15 Natural 5-15P
1587H11A1S 1587T11A1S 70.00 11 Yes 6 Natural 5-15P
1587H11B1S 1587T11B1S 70.00 11 Yes 15 Natural 5-15P
1587H19A1S 1587T19A1S 70.00 19 Yes 6 Natural 5-15P
1587H19B1S 1587T19B1S 70.00 19 Yes 15 Natural 5-15P
1588H12A1S 1588T12A1S 77.00 12 Yes 6 Natural 5-15P
1588H12B1S 1588T12B1S 77.00 12 Yes 15 Natural 5-15P

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