Die-Cast Zinc Enclosures 1590K4 Series

Heavy, High Impact Material

Key Features:

  • High impact strength, zinc diecast alloy (tough - yet easy to machine), electronic instrument enclosure.
  • Zinc material also offers easy ability to plate the enclosure.
  • Zinc material is soft & easy to machine & offers a heavier weight alternative (over double) to our 1590 diecast aluminum enclosures.
  • Zinc diecast enclosures provide extra coolness to the touch and add perceived premium quality weight to your product.
  • Lap joint construction provides protection against access of dust and splashing water. Also provides for improved EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Enclosure is vibra finished for a smooth surface with no sharp edges.
  • Designed to meet IP54.
  • Low side wall draft angle (2 degrees or less) for easy P.C. board mounting.
  • Four (or six in the 1590K432) M3.5 x 0.6 x 12 mm long stainless steel, Philips head, machine screws secure lid - into factory tapped holes.


Part Number Color Length Width Enclosure Depth
1590K430 Natural 4.39 2.43 1.23
1590K431 Natural 4.72 3.70 2.21
1590K432 Natural 7.40 4.72 2.21

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