Water-Tight & EMI/RFI Shielded R110-111 Series

conFORM Series

Key Features:

  • Material - Aluminum die-cast: G AI SI 12 / DIN 1775
  • Shallow lid, deep body
  • Captive stainless steel lid screws
  • Neoprene oil and petrol resistant gasket standard. (-40ºC up to +80ºC)
  • EMI/RFI gasket is NOT required as lid to box connection is INSIDE the gasket seal. A patented system with special designed "teeth" in the enclosure bottom provide a lasting and corrosion secure shield.
  • Degree of protection NEMA 4X, IP66, DIN 40050
  • Temperature Range (-40ºC up to +80ºC)
  • Separate channel system (outside the seal)
  • Special developed external mounting feet made from zinc-die-cast. Can be turned through 90º. The fastening holes have engagement lugs for this purpose. (See accessories)
  • All sizes have inner blind holes. A mounting plate made of zinc-plated steel is available
  • Textured polyester powder coat, light beige/grey RAL 7032. (can be supplied unpainted on special order)
  • CSA certified, Type 4, for use with industrial control equipment

Photo Features

  1. EMI/RFI enclosure body connection --to lid (see #2 above) is made INSIDE the gasket seal (see #3). This eliminates expensive conducting gaskets and the corrosion problems that can appear later.
  2. Lid EMI/RFI edge (link here to lid close up) extends into enclosure and contacts "teeth" (see #1 above) in enclosure body for a positive contact.
  3. Gasket (thermoplastic, forprene, silicon free material) outside of EMI/RFI contact points and inside of lid & mounting holes. No need for expensive conducting gasket (see #1 above).
  4. Screws and mounting holes outside of gasket seal.
  5. Internal mounting shelves placed along both sides of enclosure include blind holes and grounding screws. There are many mounting holes for self tapping screws in both the enclosure & the lid. Can also be used for mounting P.C. boards or plates.
  6. Enclosure holes threaded for easy installation and repetitive assembly & disassembly.

Patented "Conform" Series EMI/RFI Shielding Solution

The patented EV joint provides "metal-to-metal" contact for perfect EM shielding and is protected by the seal from dirt and corrosion. "Teeth" on enclosure bottom, further insure a positive connection. This New EV method eliminates the need for a special conductive gasket or screen (required in the common method).


Accessories (see table below)

External Mounting Feet (for some sizes).

Part No. Width Length (Including Lid) Mounting Feet
R111-081-000 84 79 44 R501-000-010
R110-081-000 84 79 67 R501-000-010
R111-082-000 84 129 44 R501-000-010
R110-082-000 84 129 67 R501-000-010
R111-083-000 84 179 44 R501-000-010
R110-083-000 84 179 67 R501-000-010
R111-121-000 126 128 60 R501-000-011
R110-121-000 126 128 90 R501-000-011
R111-123-000 126 226 60 R501-000-011
R110-123-000 126 226 90 R501-000-011
R111-161-000 166 166 60 R501-000-012
R110-161-000 166 166 100 R501-000-012
R111-162-000 166 266 66 R501-000-012
R110-162-000 166 266 100 R501-000-012

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