EMI/RFI Shielded Extruded Aluminum Enclosures 1457-EMI Series

EMI Gaskets, Heavy Duty, Optional Wall-Mounting Flanges

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty extruded enclosures designed to house P.C. boards or for equipment interfacing.
  • Sized for standard Eurocards.
  • P.C. boards mount horizontally by sliding into internal slots extruded into the enclosure body.
  • Rugged body constructed from one piece, extruded aluminum with a minimum thickness of .06” (1.5 mm).
  • Extruded aluminum body includes a recessed area for labels or membrane keypad.
  • Diecast aluminum end panels are rugged - yet easy to machine. Front & rear gasket is a full perimeter conductive foam/fabric made of a Ni/Cu (nickel/copper) and CPSA (conductive pressure sensitive adhesive).
  • Designed to meet IP 54 ratings.
  • Choice of two versions - end panels without flange or with flange (for shelf or wall mounting).


  • Two diecast aluminum end panels - painted in a durable, black satin powder paint.
  • Extruded, aluminum body (choice of either clear anodized or black powder paint finish).
  • Two - end plate EMI/RFI conductive gaskets.
  • All hardware and self-adhesive feet.
  • NOTE: Recommended screw torque is 5 lbf/in 

Available with black powder coat or clear anodize finish and with or without wall-mounting flanges.

Enclosure includes extruded body, die-cast end panels, gaskets (not water-tight), and hardware.  Extra end panel kits are sold separately.


EMI Shielded, No Flanges EMI Shielded w/ Flanges Extrusion Color Extrusion Length Width Height
1457C801E 1457C802E Clear Anodize 3.15 2.32 1.21
1457C801EBK 1457C802EBK Black Powder Coat 3.15 2.32 1.21
1457C1201E 1457C1202E Clear Anodize 4.73 2.32 1.21
1457C1201EBK 1457C1202EBK Black Powder Coat 4.73 2.32 1.21
1457J1201E 1457J1202E Clear Anodize 4.73 3.30 1.12
1457J1201EBK 1457J1202EBK Black Powder Coat 4.73 3.30 1.12
1457K1201E 1457K1202E Clear Anodize 4.73 3.30 1.73
1457K1201EBK 1457K1202EBK Black Powder Coat 4.73 3.30 1.73
1457L1201E 1457L1202E Clear Anodize 4.73 4.09 1.26
1457L1201EBK 1457L1202EBK Black Powder Coat 4.73 4.09 1.26
1457N1201E 1457N1202E Clear Anodize 4.73 4.09 2.15
1457N1201EBK 1457N1202EBK Black Powder Coat 4.73 4.09 2.15
1457J1601E 1457J1602E Clear Anodize 6.30 3.30 1.12
1457J1601EBK 1457J1602EBK Black Powder Coat 6.30 3.30 1.12
1457K1601E 1457K1602E Clear Anodize 6.30 3.30 1.73
1457K1601EBK 1457K1602EBK Black Powder Coat 6.30 3.30 1.73
1457L1601E 1457L1602E Clear Anodize 6.30 4.09 1.26
1457L1601EBK 1457L1602EBK Black Powder Coat 6.30 4.09 1.26
1457N1601E 1457N1602E Clear Anodize 6.30 4.09 2.15
1457N1601EBK 1457N1602EBK Black Powder Coat 6.30 4.09 2.15
1457T1601E 1457T1602E Clear Anodize 6.30 6.51 2.15
1457T1601EBK 1457T1602EBK Black Powder Coat 6.30 6.51 2.15
1457U1601E 1457U1602E Clear Anodize 6.30 7.52 2.68
1457U1601EBK 1457U1602EBK Black Powder Coat 6.30 7.52 2.68
1457T2201E 1457T2202E Clear Anodize 8.66 6.51 2.15
1457T2201EBK 1457T2202EBK Black Powder Coat 8.66 6.51 2.15
1457U2201E 1457U2202E Clear Anodize 8.66 7.52 2.68
1457U2201EBK 1457U2202EBK Black Powder Coat 8.66 7.52 2.68
1457U2801E 1457U2802E Clear Anodize 11.02 7.52 2.68
1457U2801EBK 1457U2802EBK Black Powder Coat 11.02 7.52 2.68

Replacement End Panels

Enclosure Part Number End Panel Kit (No Mounting Flanges) End Panel Kit w/ Integrated Mounting Flanges
Beginning With 2-pack 10-pack 2-pack 10-pack
1457C 1457CEP 1457CEP-10 1457CEPF 1457CEPF-10
1457J 1457JEP 1457JEP-10 1457JEPF 1457JEPF-10
1457K 1457KEP 1457KEP-10 1457KEPF 1457KEPF-10
1457L 1457LEP 1457LEP-10 1457LEPF 1457LEPF-10
1457N 1457NEP 1457NEP-10 1457NEPF 1457NEPF-10
1457T 1457TEP 1457TEP-10 1457TEPF 1457TEPF-10
1457U 1457UEP 1457UEP-10 1457UEPF 1457UEPF-10

Replacement Gaskets

Enclosure Part Number Water-Tight Gaskets EMI Gaskets
Beginning With 10-pack 10-pack
1457C 1457CPG-10 1457CEG-10
1457J 1457JPG-10 1457JEG-10
1457K 1457KPG-10 1457KEG-10
1457L 1457LPG-10 1457LEG-10
1457N 1457NPG-10 1457NEG-10
1457T 1457TPG-10 1457TEG-10
1457U 1457UPG-10 1457UEG-10

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