Inner Panels 1554-55-PL Series

For 1554 and 1555 Series


  • Inner panel for 1554 and 1555 series enclosures.
  • Made from 16ga galvanized steel
  • Includes hardware for mounting panel to enclosure.

Inner Panels

1554 or 1555 Series Enclosure Sizes Inner Panel
B 1554BPL
E, EE 1554EPL
L, LA 1554LPL
C, D 1554CPL
F, G 1554FPL
N, P 1554NPL
Q, QA 1554QPL
J, JL, K 1554JPL
R, S 1554RPL
H, HL, T 1554HPL
W, WA 1554WPL
U 1554UPL
V 1554VPL
X, XA 1554XPL
Y, YA 1554YPL

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