Watertight Polycarbonate Miniature Enclosures 1551W Series

Key Features:

  • Ideally suited for mounting small printed circuit boards.
  • Molded from robust polycarbonate
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Polycarbonate has a flame rating of UL94 V-0
  • Satin texture finish.
  • Complete with lid and (4) plastite #4 self tapping screws.
  • Available with or without integrated wall-mounting flanges.
  • P.C. board standoffs molded into interior for easy installation.
  • Includes replaceable silicone gasket to protect against ingress of water or dust.
  • Designed to meet IP68.
  • For general purpose (not water-tight) miniature enclosures, try our 1551 series.


Black Gray Black Gray Length Depth Replacement
without flange without flange With Flange With Flange (Not Including Flange) Width (Including Lid) Gasket (2-pack)
1551WHBK 1551WHGY 1551WHFLBK 1551WHFLGY 2.36 1.38 0.87 1551WHGASKET
1551WTBK 1551WTGY 1551WTFLBK 1551WTFLGY 2.36 2.36 0.87 1551WTGASKET
1551WKBK 1551WKGY 1551WKFLBK 1551WKFLGY 3.15 1.57 0.87 1551WKGASKET
1551WXBK 1551WXGY 1551WXFLBK 1551WXFLGY 3.15 3.15 0.87 1551WXGASKET
1551WYBK 1551WYGY 1551WYFLBK 1551WYFLGY 3.94 1.97 0.94 1551WYGASKET


Type Part Number
Internal mounting post screws 1553WTS100
Replacement cover screws SC509-50

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