Type 4X, 6P Polycarbonate & General Purpose ABS Enclosures 1555 Series

Watertight, Styled Lid, UL Listed Options

Key Features

  • Ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards or DIN rail mounted components (see photo features below for details).
  • “Styled” lid version has three main advantages over our flat lid (1554 series) - also see photo features below:
    • Smooth recessed surface on lid for a membrane keypad or label
    • Standoffs molded in the interior of the lid (except for size “B”).  Designed for #6 self tapping screws
    • More modern “styled” look vs. our traditonal flat lid (1554 series)
  • ABS Versions are molded from general purpose material which carries a flammability rating of UL94-HB.  For indoor use.
  • Polycarbonate versions are UV stabilized for outdoor use.  Gray polycarb carries a UL94-5VA rating.
  • Polycarbonate versions are UL 508A listed (File # E65324).
  • Enclosure color is a light gray (RAL 7035).
  • Gasketed lid with two piece “tongue & groove” construction provides protection against access of oil, dust and water.
  • Replaceable gasket is one piece made from high temperature, U.L. listed silicone.  Supplied loose inside the enclosure (not pre-installed).
  • Designed to meet NEMA Type 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 12 & 13 ratings which meet and exceed IP ratings up to and including IP68.  (except 1555V which is NEMA 4/4X /  IP66)
  • Lid is secured with included M4 stainless steel machine screws which are threaded into corrosion resistant bushings for repetitive assembly & disassembly.  All hardware is designed to avoid corrosion caused by harsh environments over time. 
  • Lid screws are self captivating (lid holes are threaded with the first installation of lid screws).
  • Internal features are maximized for mounting options and vary with size:
  • Internal DIN rail mounting tabs molded into most models, except sizes “C” and “D”.
  • Threaded (M3) integral brass inserts and/or standoffs (for #6 self tapping screws) for P.C. board or inner panel mounting in all but the smallest size (“B”). 
  • Vertical P.C. card guides (for 1.5 mm thick P.C. boards) are molded in all but the smallest size (“B”).

Photo Features:

Styled lid offers a modern look and a smooth recess perfect for membrane keypads or labels

Standoffs molded in the interior of the lid (except for size “B”). Designed for #6 self tapping screws

Galvanized steel inner panels are available (refer to table below).

Wall-mounting holes are located outside of the gasket channel

Same wall mounting holes can be used to install an accessory foot kit, 1554FT

Internal mounting posts can be used to mount accessory inner panels, PC boards, or DIN rails (inner panel shown)


Part Numbers

ABS Polycarbonate (UL Listed) Replacement
Gray Lid Gray Lid Qty of Lid Screws Length Width Total Height Inner Panel Foot Kit Replacement Gasket Lid Screws (50-pack)
1555BGY 1555B2GY 4 2.60 2.60 1.60 1554BPL 1554FT 1554BGASKET SC576-50
1555EGY 1555E2GY 4 3.50 3.50 2.40 1554EPL 1554FT 1554EGASKET SC576-50
1555EEGY 1555EE2GY 4 3.50 3.50 3.50 1554EPL 1554FT 1554EGASKET SC576-50
1555LGY 1555L2GY 4 4.13 4.13 2.36 1554LPL 1554FT 1554LGASKET SC576-50
1555LAGY 1555LA2GY 4 4.13 4.13 3.54 1554LPL 1554FT 1554LGASKET SC576-50
1555CGY 1555C2GY 4 4.70 2.60 1.60 1554CPL 1554FT 1554CGASKET SC576-50
1555DGY 1555D2GY 4 4.70 2.60 2.40 1554CPL 1554FT 1554CGASKET SC576-50
1555FGY 1555F2GY 4 4.70 3.50 2.40 1554FPL 1554FT 1554FGASKET SC576-50
1555GGY 1555G2GY 4 4.70 3.50 3.15 1554FPL 1554FT 1554FGASKET SC576-50
1555NGY 1555N2GY 4 4.70 4.70 2.40 1554NPL 1554FT 1554NGASKET SC576-50
1555PGY 1555P2GY 4 4.70 4.70 3.50 1554NPL 1554FT 1554NGASKET SC576-50
1555QGY 1555Q2GY 4 5.51 5.51 2.36 1554QPL 1554FT 1554QGASKET SC576-50
1555QAGY 1555QA2GY 4 5.51 5.51 3.54 1554QPL 1554FT 1554QGASKET SC576-50
1555JGY 1555J2GY 4 6.30 3.50 2.40 1554JPL 1554FT 1554JGASKET SC576-50
1555KGY 1555K2GY 4 6.30 3.50 3.50 1554JPL 1554FT 1554JGASKET SC576-50
1555RGY 1555R2GY 4 6.30 6.30 2.40 1554RPL 1554FT 1554RGASKET SC576-50
1555SGY 1555S2GY 4 6.30 6.30 3.50 1554RPL 1554FT 1554RGASKET SC576-50
1555HGY 1555H2GY 4 7.10 4.70 2.40 1554HPL 1554FT 1554HGASKET SC576-50
1555TGY 1555T2GY 4 7.10 4.70 3.50 1554HPL 1554FT 1554HGASKET SC576-50
1555WGY 1555W2GY 4 7.10 7.10 2.36 1554WPL 1554FT 1554WGASKET SC576-50
1555WAGY 1555WA2GY 4 7.10 7.10 3.54 1554WPL 1554FT 1554WGASKET SC576-50
1555UGY 1555U2GY 4 7.90 4.70 3.50 1554UPL 1554FT 1554UGASKET SC576-50
1555VGY 1555V2GY 4 9.40 6.30 3.50 1554VPL 1554FT 1554VGASKET SC583-50
1555VAGY 1555VA2GY 6 9.40 6.30 3.50 1554VAPL 1554FT 1554VAGASKET SC583-50
1555VBGY 1555VB2GY 6 9.40 6.30 4.70 1554VAPL 1554FT 1554VAGASKET SC583-50
1555XGY 1555X2GY 6 11.81 7.87 3.54 1554XPL 1554FT-XY 1554XGASKET SC583-50
1555XAGY 1555XA2GY 6 11.81 7.87 4.72 1554XPL 1554FT-XY 1554XGASKET SC583-50
1555YGY 1555Y2GY 6 11.81 9.45 3.74 1554YPL 1554FT-XY 1554YGASKET SC583-50
1555YAGY 1555YA2GY 6 11.81 9.45 4.72 1554YPL 1554FT-XY 1554YGASKET SC583-50

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