ABS Plastic Multipurpose Enclosures w/ Card Guides 1591 Series

Flame Retardant, General Purpose, Flanged Lid or Bottom

Key Features

  • Ideally suited for vertical mounting of printed circuit boards (internal side walls include molded in card guides - see photo to the right).
  • Integral card guides accept 1.5 mm (0.062”) P.C. cards.
  • Lap joint construction provides protection against access of dust and splashing water.
  • Designed to meet IP54.
  • Standard versions are molded from easy to machine flame retardant ABS plastic which carries a UL flammability rating of 94V-0.
  • Economy versions are molded from general purpose (not flame-retardant) plastic.
  • On standard versions the lid is secured with M3 x 10 mm Phillips machine screws, threaded into integral brass bushings. Perfect for applications when repetitive assembly and disassembly are required.
  • Economy versions are assembled with self tapping screws into fully plastic posts.
  • Black enclosures include black screws, while all others include standard nickel finish screws.


  • If EMI/ RFI Shielding is required, try series 1591R.
  • If card guides are not required or horizontal mounting of printed circuit boards is preferred, try series 1591XX.
  • For transparent polycarbonate versions, try series  1591T.

Photo Features

1591 Series enclosures are available in four colors.

  • Gray ("GY")
  • Black ("BK")
  • Beige ("BG")
  • Blue ("BU")

Integral card guides accept 1.5 mm (0.062”) P.C. cards.  Machine screws thread into brass bushing to attach the lid.

Available with wall mounting flanges molded into the lid.

Also available with an accessory flange attached to the bottom.

P.C. Board Card Adaptors:

  • Allows mounting of PC boards horizontally within the enclosure.
  • Molded from Flame retardant ABS plastic

Part Number 1591Z6 - Package of 6

Part Number 1591Z50 - Package of 50

Part Number 1591Z100 - Package of 100


  • Replacement machine lid screws for standard flame retardant versions are available in packs of 100: 1591MS100 (nickel plated) or 1591MS100BK (black)

  • Replacement self-tapping lid screws for economy versions are available in packs of 100: 1591TS100 (nickel plated) or 1591TS100BK (black)

  • PC board screws are available in pack of 50, 1593ATS50, and pack of 100, 1593ATS100 

Enclosures Without Mounting Flanges

Flame Retardant ABS Enclosures General Purpose ABS Enclosures
Beige Black Blue Gray Black Gray Length Width Depth (less lid) Clear Lid Accessory
1591MBG 1591MBK 1591MBU 1591MGY 1591MSBK 1591MSGY 3.30 2.20 0.87 1591LC
1591LBG 1591LBK 1591LBU 1591LGY 1591LSBK 1591LSGY 3.30 2.20 1.40 1591LC
1591ABG 1591ABK 1591ABU 1591AGY 1591ASBK 1591ASGY 3.90 2.00 0.80 1591AC
1591SBG 1591SBK 1591SBU 1591SGY 1591SSBK 1591SSGY 4.30 3.20 1.60 1591SC
1591BBG 1591BBK 1591BBU 1591BGY 1591BSBK 1591BSGY 4.40 2.40 1.10 1591BC
1591CBG 1591CBK 1591CBU 1591CGY 1591CSBK 1591CSGY 4.70 2.60 1.40 1591CC
1591TBG 1591TBK 1591TBU 1591TGY 1591TSBK 1591TSGY 4.70 3.20 2.20 1591TC
1591UBG 1591UBK 1591UBU 1591UGY 1591USBK 1591USGY 4.70 4.70 2.20 1591UC
1591VBG 1591VBK 1591VBU 1591VGY 1591VSBK 1591VSGY 4.70 4.70 3.50 1591VC
1591GBG 1591GBK 1591GBU 1591GGY 1591GSBK 1591GSGY 4.80 3.70 1.20 1591GC
1591DBG 1591DBK 1591DBU 1591DGY 1591DSBK 1591DSGY 5.90 3.20 1.80 1591DC
1591HBG 1591HBK 1591HBU 1591HGY 1591HSBK 1591HSGY 6.50 2.80 1.00 1591HC
1591EBG 1591EBK 1591EBU 1591EGY 1591ESBK 1591ESGY 7.48 4.33 2.23 1591EC

Enclosures With Mounting Flanges

Flame Retardant ABS, Flanged Lid General Purpose ABS, Flanged Lid Flame Retardant, Bottom Flange General Purpose ABS, Bottom Flange
Black Gray Black Black Gray Black Gray Length Width Depth (less lid) Clear Lid Accessory
1591MFLBK 1591MFLGY 1591MSFLBK 1591MF2BK 1591MF2GY 1591MF2SBK 1591MF2SGY 3.30 2.20 0.80 1591LC
1591LFLBK 1591LFLGY 1591LSFLBK 1591LF2BK 1591LF2GY 1591LF2SBK 1591LF2SGY 3.30 2.20 1.40 1591LC
1591AFLBK 1591AFLGY 1591ASFLBK 1591AF2BK 1591AF2GY 1591AF2SBK 1591AF2SGY 3.90 2.00 0.80 1591AC
1591SFLBK 1591SFLGY 1591SSFLBK 1591SF2BK 1591SF2GY 1591SF2SBK 1591SF2SGY 4.30 3.20 1.60 1591SC
1591BFLBK 1591BFLGY 1591BSFLBK 1591BF2BK 1591BF2GY 1591BF2SBK 1591BF2SGY 4.40 2.40 1.10 1591BC
1591CFLBK 1591CFLGY 1591CSFLBK 1591CF2BK 1591CF2GY 1591CF2SBK 1591CF2SGY 4.70 2.60 1.40 1591CC
1591TFLBK 1591TFLGY 1591TSFLBK 1591TF2BK 1591TF2GY 1591TF2SBK 1591TF2SGY 4.70 3.20 2.20 1591TC
1591UFLBK 1591UFLGY 1591USFLBK 1591UF2BK 1591UF2GY 1591UF2SBK 1591UF2SGY 4.70 4.70 2.20 1591UC
1591VFLBK 1591VFLGY 1591VSFLBK 1591VF2BK 1591VF2GY 1591VF2SBK 1591VF2SGY 4.70 4.70 3.50 1591VC
1591GFLBK 1591GFLGY 1591GSFLBK 1591GF2BK 1591GF2GY 1591GF2SBK 1591GF2SGY 4.80 3.70 1.20 1591GC
1591DFLBK 1591DFLGY 1591DSFLBK 1591DF2BK 1591DF2GY 1591DF2SBK 1591DF2SGY 5.90 3.20 1.80 1591DC
1591HFLBK 1591HFLGY 1591HSFLBK 1591HF2BK 1591HF2GY 1591HF2SBK 1591HF2SGY 6.50 2.80 1.00 1591HC
1591EFLBK 1591EFLGY 1591ESFLBK 1591EF2BK 1591EF2GY 1591EF2SBK 1591EF2SGY 7.48 4.33 2.23 1591EC

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