ABS Plastic Multi-Purpose Enclosures w/ PC Board Standoffs 1591XX Series

Flame Retardant, General Purpose, Flanged Lid Options

Key Features:

  • Ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards horizontally.
  • Internal sides of enclosure are smooth for easy connector installation except for the largest enclosure. 1591XXF. 1591XXF size is a universal type which includes P.C.board standoffs in the lid and enclosure PLUS includes card guides. 
  • Strong tongue and groove lid to box construction provides protection against access of dust and splashing water.
  • Designed to meet IP54.
  • Lid and box both contain - molded in PC board standoffs.
  • Standard black and gray versions molded from easy to machine, flame retardant ABS plastic (material carries a UL flammability rating of 94V-0).
  • Transparent blue and all economy versions are molded from general purpose (not flame-retardant) plastic.
  • Stocked in satin texture black and grey.
  • On standard versions, the lid is secured with M3 x 10 mm Phillips machine screws threaded into integral brass bushings. Perfect for applications with repetitive assembly and disassembly are required.
  • Economy versions are assembled with self tapping screws into fully plastic posts.
  • Black and transparent blue enclosures include black screws, gray enclosures include nickel plated screws.

Photo Features:

Available in black, gray, or transparent blue.  PC board mounting bosses located inside the box and lid and are sized for #4 x 1/4" self-tapping screws (not included with enclosure).

Also available with mounting flanges integrated into the lid (black and gray only)

Accessory flanges are also available (sold separately from enclosures).


  • Replacement machine lid screws for standard flame retardant versions are available in packs of 100: 1591MS100 (nickel plated) or 1591MS100BK (black)

  • Replacement self-tapping lid screws for economy versions are available in packs of 100: 1591TS100 (nickel plated) or 1591TS100BK (black)

  • PC board screws are available in pack of 50, 1593ATS50, and pack of 100, 1593ATS100 


Enclosures Without Mounting Flanges

Flame Retardant Plastic General Purpose ABS General Purpose ABS Enclosure
w/ Brass Screw Inserts w/ Brass Screw Inserts w/ Self Tapping Screws Depth
Black Gray Transparent Blue Black Length Width (Less Lid)
1591XXMBK 1591XXMGY 1591XXMTBU 1591XXMSBK 3.30 2.20 0.90
1591XXLBK 1591XXLGY 1591XXLTBU 1591XXLSBK 3.40 2.20 1.40
1591XXABK 1591XXAGY 1591XXATBU 1591XXASBK 3.90 2.00 0.80
1591XXSBK 1591XXSGY 1591XXSTBU 1591XXSSBK 4.30 3.20 1.60
1591XXBBK 1591XXBGY 1591XXBTBU 1591XXBSBK 4.40 2.50 1.10
1591XXCBK 1591XXCGY 1591XXCTBU 1591XXCSBK 4.70 2.60 1.40
1591XXTBK 1591XXTGY 1591XXTTBU 1591XXTSBK 4.80 3.20 2.20
1591XXGBK 1591XXGGY 1591XXGTBU 1591XXGSBK 4.80 3.70 1.40
1591XXUBK 1591XXUGY 1591XXUSBK 4.86 4.86 2.25
1591XXDBK 1591XXDGY 1591XXDTBU 1591XXDSBK 6.00 3.20 1.80
1591XXEBK 1591XXEGY 1591XXETBU 1591XXESBK 7.60 4.40 2.20
1591XXFBK 1591XXFGY 1591XXFSBK 8.70 5.90 2.30

Enclosures With Mounting Flanges

Flame Retardant Plastic General Purpose ABS Enclosure
w/ Brass Screw Inserts w/ Self Tapping Screws Depth
Black Gray Black Length Width (Less Lid)
1591XXMFLBK 1591XXMFLGY 1591XXMSFLBK 3.30 2.20 0.90
1591XXLFLBK 1591XXLFLGY 1591XXLSFLBK 3.40 2.20 1.40
1591XXAFLBK 1591XXAFLGY 1591XXASFLBK 3.90 2.00 0.80
1591XXSFLBK 1591XXSFLGY 1591XXSSFLBK 4.30 3.20 1.60
1591XXBFLBK 1591XXBFLGY 1591XXBSFLBK 4.40 2.50 1.10
1591XXCFLBK 1591XXCFLGY 1591XXCSFLBK 4.70 2.60 1.40
1591XXTFLBK 1591XXTFLGY 1591XXTSFLBK 4.80 3.20 2.20
1591XXGFLBK 1591XXGFLGY 1591XXGSFLBK 4.80 3.70 1.40
1591XXUFLBK 1591XXUFLGY 1591XXUSFLBK 4.86 4.86 2.25
1591XXDFLBK 1591XXDFLGY 1591XXDSFLBK 6.00 3.20 1.80
1591XXEFLBK 1591XXEFLGY 1591XXESFLBK 7.60 4.40 2.20
1591XXFFLBK 1591XXFFLGY 1591XXFSFLBK 8.70 5.90 2.30

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