ABS Plastic Hand Held/Instrument Enclosures 1593 Series

PC Board Enclosures w/ Removeable End Panels & Battery Compartments

Key Features

  • Electronic instrument enclosures, ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards.
  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit into the user’s hand.
  • Designed to meet IP54 ratings.
  • Recessed top for membrane display or pad.
  • Units with battery door use our long life "three snap" door.
  • Lap joint construction provides protection against dust accumulation and splashing water.
  • Molded in a choice of black, grey, or transparent blue general purpose ABS plastic with a satin texture.
  • Unit is secured with self tapping screws.
  • Black and transparent blue enclosures include black screws, grey includes nickel finish screws.


  • Due to their low profile design, the 1593S & 1593T models will only accept AAA batteries. The two AAA battery holder kit (below) is the largest holder that will fit.

Contoured Panel Option

Sizes K, L, N, D, & X comes with flat and contoured panels to match the profile of the case..

Battery Compartment Style

Sizes S, P, T, Q, & V comes with an integrated battery compartment and door.

No Panels (Size J Only)

Application Spotlight Smart Card Reader

The 1593NBK, 1593NGY are designed to house smart card readers (shown with modified end panel).

1593 Series Accessories

Infrared Panels

Sold in packs of 10 panels.  See tables below for compatibility.

PC Board

See tables below for compatibility.

Belt Clip

Plastic clip with nylon screws (for insulation).  Includes a drill template for mounting.

1599CLIP (black)

1599CLIPGY (gray)

Enclosure Part Numbers

Part Number Part Number Part Number Removable Battery Length Width Enclosure
Black Gray Trans Blue Panels Door Depth
1593KBK 1593KGY 1593KTBU 2 No 2.60 2.60 1.10
1593JBK 1593JGY 1593JTBU 0 No 2.60 2.60 1.10
1593ARBK 1593ARGY 1593ARTBU 2 No 2.95 2.91 1.06
1593SBK 1593SGY 1593STBU 1 Yes 3.60 2.60 0.83
1593PBK 1593PGY 1593PTBU 1 Yes 3.60 2.60 1.10
1593LBK 1593LGY 1593LTBU 2 No 3.60 2.60 1.10
1593BBBK 1593BBGY 1593BBTBU 2 No 3.75 3.00 1.18
1593NBK 1593NGY 1593NTBU 2 No 4.30 2.90 1.00
1593TBK 1593TGY 1593TTBU 1 Yes 4.40 2.60 0.83
1593QBK 1593QGY 1593QTBU 1 Yes 4.40 2.60 1.10
1593DBK 1593DGY 1593DTBU 2 No 4.50 1.40 1.00
1593YBK 1593YGY 1593YTBU 1 Yes 5.50 2.60 1.10
1593XBK 1593XGY 1593XTBU 2 No 5.50 2.60 1.10

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Replacement Screws & Accessories

Enclosure Part Number Silver Assembly Black Assembly Internal Accessory Screws IR Panels PC Board
Beginning With Screws (100-pack) Screws (100-pack) (PC Board Mounting) 50-pack (10-pack) (enclosure sold separately)
1593K 1593QS100 1593QS100BK 1593ATS50 1593PIR10 1593KPCB
1593J 1593QS100 1593QS100BK 1593ATS50
1593AR 1591TS100 1591TS100BK SC519-50 1593ARIR10
1593S 1593MS100 1593MS100BK 1593ATS50 1593SIR10
1593P 1593QS100 1593QS100BK 1593ATS50 1593PIR10 1593PPCB
1593L 1593QS100 1593QS100BK 1593ATS50 1593PIR10 1593LPCB
1593BB 1591TS100 1591TS100BK 1593ATS50 1593BBIR10
1593N 1593QS100 1593QS100BK 1593ATS50 1593NIR10
1593T 1593MS100 1593MS100BK 1593ATS50 1593SIR10
1593Q 1593QS100 1593QS100BK 1593ATS50 1593PIR10 1593QPCB
1593D 1593QS100 1593QS100BK 1593ATS50 1593DIR10
1593Y 1593QS100 1593QS100BK 1593ATS50 1593PIR10
1593X 1593QS100 1593QS100BK 1593ATS50 1593PIR10

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