ABS Plastic Hand Held/Instrument Enclosures 1593AL Series

With Aluminum End Panels

Key Features:

  • Electronic instrument enclosures, ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards.
  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit into the user’s hand.
  • Designed to meet IP54 ratings.
  • Recessed top for membrane display or keypad.
  • Units with battery door use our long life "three snap" door.
  • Lap joint construction provides protection against dust accumulation and splashing water.
  • Molded in a choice of black, grey, or transparent blue general purpose ABS plastic with a satin texture.
  • Includes one or two aluminum end panels (see table below).
  • Unit is secured with self tapping screws.
  • Black and transparent blue enclosures include black screws, grey includes nickel finish screws.

1593 Series Accessories

Infrared Panels

Sold in packs of 10 panels.  See tables below for compatibility.

PC Board

See tables below for compatibility.

Aluminum End Panels

Supplied with plastic protective covering.  See tables below for compatibility.

Belt Clip

Plastic clip with nylon screws (for insulation).  Includes a drill template for mounting.

1599CLIP (black)

1599CLIPGY (gray)

Part Number Part Number Part Number Removable Battery Length Width Enclosure
Black Gray Trans Blue Panels Door Depth
1593KALBK 1593KALGY 1593KALTBU 2 No 2.60 2.60 1.10
1593ARALBK 1593ARALGY 1593ARALTBU 2 No 2.95 2.91 1.06
1593SALBK 1593SALGY 1593SALTBU 1 Yes 3.60 2.60 0.83
1593PALBK 1593PALGY 1593PALTBU 1 Yes 3.60 2.60 1.10
1593LALBK 1593LALGY 1593LALTBU 2 No 3.60 2.60 1.10
1593BBALBK 1593BBALGY 1593BBALTBU 2 No 3.75 3.00 1.18
1593NALBK 1593NALGY 1593NALTBU 2 No 4.30 2.90 1.00
1593TALBK 1593TALGY 1593TALTBU 1 Yes 4.40 2.60 0.83
1593QALBK 1593QALGY 1593QALTBU 1 Yes 4.40 2.60 1.10
1593DALBK 1593DALGY 1593DALTBU 2 No 4.50 1.40 1.00
1593YALBK 1593YALGY 1593YALTBU 1 Yes 5.50 2.60 1.10
1593XALBK 1593XALGY 1593XALTBU 2 No 5.50 2.60 1.10

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