ABS Plastic Instrument Enclosures 1598 Series

ABS Clam Shell Body w/ End Panels


  • Desk top electronic instrument enclosure, ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards.
  • Designed to meet IP54.
  • Two sets of vertical 1.5 mm (0.062”) P.C. board guides are molded into case halves front and rear.
  • Integral horizontal P.C. card mounts on Eurocard centers.
  • P.C. card standoffs molded into top & bottom half of enclosure - require #6 x 1/4” (6.4mm) screws - part number 1598ATS100

Standard version

  • Stocked in matte textured black and grey.
  • Molded from flame retardant ABS plastic (material carries a UL flammability rating of 94V-0).
  • Enclosure halves are secured with M3 x 0.5” x 10 mm (0.39”) Phillips machine screws threaded into tapped integral brass bushings. Perfect for applications with repetitive assembly and disassembly are required.
  • Front and rear panels are 1.6 mm (0.064”) brushed aluminum with protective paper on one side.

Economy Version

  • Molded from general purpose ABS plastic (not flame retardant).
  • Enclosure halves are secured with self tapping screws threaded into plastic standoffs.  Not recommended for repeated assembly and disassembly.
  • Available with either brushed aluminum or black plastic end panels.

Other 1598 Series

  • If EMI/ RFI shielding is required, try series 1598R.

Photo Features:

Economy version has plastic assembly screw posts. Standard version has brass inserts for easier assembly.

Shown here in light gray ABS with black plastic end panels.

Shown here with tilt bail accessory kit installed.

Accessories for 1598 Series

Accessories include replacement black plastic panels, aluminum end panels, and tilt bail kits. Refer to table below for correct part numbers.

Replacement assembly screws for standard version  1591MS100 (100-pack)
Replacement assembly screws for economy version 1591TS100 (100-pack)
PC board mounting screws (standard or economy) 1598ATS100 (100-pack)

Part Numbers

Standard Version (Black) Standard Version (Gray) Economy Version (Gray) Economy (Gray Enclosure w/ Black Plastic Panels) Length Width Height Tilt Bail Aluminum End Panels (Pair) Plastic End Panels (pair)
1598BBK  1598BGY 1598BSGY 1598BSGYPBK 5.28 5.31 1.96 1598PLB-AL 1598PLBBK
1598ABK  1598AGY 1598ASGY 1598ASGYPBK 6.18 3.70 1.42 1598PLA-AL 1598PLABK
1598EBK  1598EGY 1598ESGY 1598ESGYPBK 6.30 6.30 3.38 1598TH1 1598PLE-AL 1598PLEBK
1598BBBK 1598BBGY 1598BBSGY 1598BBSGYPBK 7.05 6.06 1.42 1598TH1 1598PLBB-AL 1598PLBBBK
1598CBK  1598CGY 1598CSGY 1598CSGYPBK 7.09 6.10 2.04 1598TH1 1598PLC-AL 1598PLCBK
1598DBK  1598DGY 1598DSGY 1598DSGYPBK 7.09 8.11 2.52 1598TH2 1598PLD-AL 1598PLDBK
1598FBK  1598FGY 1598FSGY 1598FSGYPBK 9.84 6.30 1.58 1598TH1 1598PLF-AL 1598PLFBK
1598GBK  1598GGY 1598GSGY 1598GSGYPBK 9.84 6.30 3.00 1598TH1 1598PLG-AL 1598PLGBK
1598HBK  1598HGY 1598HSGY 1598HSGYPBK 11.02 7.87 1.58 1598TH2 1598PLH-AL 1598PLHBK
1598JBK  1598JGY 1598JSGY 1598JSGYPBK 11.02 7.87 3.00 1598TH2 1598PLJ-AL 1598PLJBK

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